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These days, the eyes of the whole world are focused on Turkey and Syria, because of the devastating earthquake that hit these two countries, which I myself witnessed 3 years ago because it also hit my country - Croatia. Today I will try to bring you a little closer to the topic of silent heroes and tell you the most important facts about search and rescue dogs.

Along with search teams, SEARCH, AND RESCUE DOGS also play an important role in finding victims and missing people. The DOG, that best four-legged friend of man, has been bound by unbreakable bonds with man since ancient times, and this time justified that epithet, indicating that cooperation between the DOG and man is indispensable in these circumstances because the DOG goes where humans cannot. 

They are indispensable in rescue operations because they have a better sense of smell, sight, and hearing than humans. SEARCH AND RESCUE DOGS even have their own day, which is the last Sunday in April
Namely, the International umbrella organization for the work of SEARCH, AND RESCUE DOGS - IRO (International Search and Rescue Dogs Organization) declared, back in 2008, that it would be the International Day of SEARCH AND RESCUE DOGS
We know more or less a lot about the actions of these DOGS from the media, which have been "bombarding" us with this news for the last few days. But have you ever wondered, which are the BREEDS OF DOGS from which the best SEARCH AND RESCUE DOGS come and what kind of training they have to go through to deserve this title?

While researching this topic, I found out that a SEARCH DOG can be almost any DOG that successfully passes: regular, fitness, and commission training. However, experience has shown that preference is given to THESE BREEDS:

That these DOGS are invaluable in the field is also shown by the fact that in just 20 minutes they can search an area of about 1000 square meters and replace up to 20 people. When they find the victims, they report it by barking for 2-3 minutes, until medical help or a guide arrives. They do not react to people in motion, but only to stationary persons. 
After that barking, the second DOG is released, and if it also starts barking, the rescuers come and look for the victims. 
So, the second DOG confirms what his predecessor found and thus knows for sure that they have found someone and starts with the rescue. Their work is all-day and shift work. Each shift lasts 20 minutes, followed by a 40-minute break. 

Although the all-day search looks tiring, these DOGS don't, because after every victim is found, there is a reward in the form of a DOG TREAT or TOY. That's why these DOGS like to look for people, what's more, they have fun doing it. SEARCH DOGS must know how to navigate any type of terrain: in the forest, in inaccessible places, in ruins. 

Therefore, their TRAINING is not always done in the same place, or even in the same country. The training can be started already when the dog reaches 2 months of age. Before joining the SEARCH AND RESCUE DOG training, the DOG must pass certain tests, which determine that the DOG is not aggressive and that it is capable and motivated to function in a team. Only after that is the access to the SEARCH DOG course, which includes: a course in obedience, socialization, and education, both at the basic and advanced levels. 

In addition to the DOG, the guide also undergoes training, where he is educated about providing first aid to people and DOGS and possible existing dangers. 
After that, there is an exam for a RESCUE DOG handler, which means that only then can he take his DOG to the DOGS exams. If the DOG passes all the tests, it becomes a SEARCH AND RESCUE DOG, i.e. a RESCUE DOG. The DOG training itself lasts from 2 to 2.5 years, and only with 4 years of constant work and training, it can be said that these DOGS become "masters of their craft" when they retire at around 10 years old. 

In addition to all that, it is important to emphasize that the TRAINING of these DOGS is based on play and a reward system, because this is how they learn to cooperate. 

Let's also say that in addition to SEARCH DOGS, there are also SEARCH CATS that have been talked about on social networks, and which, I believe, will come to the fore even more in the future, because they certainly deserve it. 

And finally, let's mention PROTEO - GERMAN SHEPHERD, RESCUE DOG from the Mexican team, who left his life under the ruins of a building in Kahramanmaras, rescuing the victims, and who was declared a hero by the Mexican Ministry of Defense. RIP and my deep bow, dear PROTEO!

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Today I will try to give you an answer to the eternal question do we choose cats or do cats choose us? So let's begin with our journey a little more in the past.

We have known since ancient times that CATS are spiritual ANIMALS. The ancient Egyptians still worshiped them and gave them the significance of divinity, and anyone who killed a CAT, intentionally or accidentally, would be executed. You had the opportunity to read about it in this blog post about ancient Egyptian mythology and CATS. 

History tells us that CATS have always been associated with humans and were often portrayed as human equals. Due to their intuition and psychic powers, they were used in various rituals. They have attributed the epithet of spiritual ANIMALS and symbols of high energy, which is why they were often persecuted in the Middle Ages. CATS use their spirituality and intuition when choosing their owners. So it's the CATS who choose us, not us them because they almost always select people with an energy similar to theirs, that of a cat. This is precisely what we humans do.

CATS are generally considered wise animals. This is, among other things, because they have the ability to constantly maintain a high level of energy, so if you are the owner of these beautiful creatures, it will probably affect your higher level of energy and new leadership in your life. I already talked about the benefits that CATS do to people in one of the posts on this blog : 

I will just emphasize that there are countless cases in which people react negatively to therapists, and for the sake of good mental health, CATS are recommended to them (CATS, among other things, reduce stress). CATS are also associated with legends. 

Some of them state that you will have long-term bad luck in the field of finance if the cat turns her back on you, or you reject it when it comes to you... 

However, these are just legends that most of us do not believe in, but we like to listen to them like fairy tales, which our grandmothers would tell us in our childhood. The fact is that there are numerous professional studies conducted, on why CATS are more inclined toward some people, while others dislike them and avoid them widely. 
The conclusion was drawn from them, that CATS choose "their people", only if they deserve it, while, for example, DOGS will adapt to their owner. I can confirm this from my own experience. Namely, during my life, I had and still have CATS. They somehow always came to me. 

The latest such experience is precisely our little angel, the kitten Leo, who chose our car in order to hide from the cold in the run-up to Christmas and thus brighten up our Christmas:

I questioned myself for a long time, why ME? And then I realized that it was the previously mentioned energy that connected us, just as my little one and my other CATS radiate similar energy.

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Thursday, February 16, 2023



Do you ever wonder what is the music influence on cats' and dogs' health, as it affects your own health? It has been scientifically proven that it helps to reduce stress and pain, but it is also suitable for stroke recovery. But what about the influence of music on our PETS?

With this story, I also announce a new column: MUSIC FOR CATS AND DOGS, which you will be able to follow on this blog from now on.

Compared to humans, whose hearing detects around 20 thousand Hz, CATS can hear sound up to 50 thousand Hz, which means that they have better hearing than DOGS. As we know, the CAT hunts by listening, because this is how it detects the sounds of potential prey, especially rodents, which are its favorites. Since rodents produce high frequencies, these are exactly the ones that the CAT will recognize sooner than the lower ones. These are also the frequencies on which they communicate. It is important to point out that the music that people listen to is not suitable for CATS and DOGS, and even bothers them. 
This is because their hearing is different from ours, human. CATS will usually let you know if they don't like a sound (e.g. the sound of a vacuum cleaner, TV, or mixer...). Fortunately, they like some sounds, listen to them, and enjoy them, because they calm them down. 
Here are those sounds: 

  • spilling food into a bowl 
  • opening a can
  • opening a door
  • woodwind music 
  • rustling
  • the sound of frying
  • squeaky toys
  • doorbells
  • chirping birds
It is evident from the above that it is actually ambient noise, so music was created, based on exactly that and on the usual cat vocalizations (purring, meowing...), to encourage their natural reactions and relaxation. Just to relax and reduce stress, it has been observed that CATS benefit from classical music.

Just like CATS, DOGS relax best with classical music. Especially, when they are scared, while heavy metal proved to be completely unsuitable for DOGS. Classical music reduces their stress and lifts their mood, and is responsible for better quality sleep of DOG
Music therapy is gaining more and more momentum in the world because it really helps. As DOGS can hear up to 45 thousand Hz, this should be taken into account when choosing music for DOGS

In addition, the tempo, type of music, and volume are also important factors in this type of therapy. When we talk about tempo, the emphasis is on an easier and slower tempo without sudden changes. While with the type of music, classical is proven to be the best, and a quiet sound will give the best results.

Music therapy for DOGS will come into play the most when you want to calm your DOG because he is afraid of thunder, fireworks, firecrackers, or everything in general. And it will certainly help with depression, anxiety, inability to sleep, or the barking of a DOG
According to some experts, relaxing and soporific music for DOGS has a relaxing effect on the owner of DOGS as well. This is because DOGS can detect our state of mind and emotions, so such music will give the best results.

Music therapy can also be a substitute for classical therapy with pills. However, not all DOGS react the same. Some will have a great reaction, while others will have no reaction, or will have a weaker effect. That's why it's best to decide for yourself and in consultation with a veterinarian what is most effective for your PET.

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Saturday, January 21, 2023



At the very beginning of today's article, I would like to greet all of you, my faithful readers and those who will soon become so, and I would like to remind you that today, in addition to finding out which are the top nine scents that repel cats, we will also cover topics such as nail trimming and urinating at home and how to prevent it.

All of us owners of PETS, especially CATS, have encountered quite a few times that we PETS defecate in inappropriate places in the house. In addition, furniture often suffers from the nails of our cuddly creatures. As our four CATS are already adults, we have no problems with defecating around the house, because they have been taught to look outside when they have to. We got them a SCRATCHER for scratching, although sometimes they "sneak" to scratch an armchair or sofa. However, we solve this by shortening the nails.

However, with the arrival of the little KITTEN, about whom you had the opportunity to read in the "Christmas Fairy Tale", already somewhat forgotten problems appeared. As I mentioned in that story, the "fur ball" defecated wherever it went, sometimes because of illness, and sometimes because it was not taught where to do it. All this prompted me to research, in order to help myself and anyone with such problems. So read the solution. It's about smells that CATS don't like. As CATS use their sense of smell more in their activities than sight and other senses, it is good to know which smells they don't like, so we can use them to protect our living space and furniture.

The strongest of all scents that will repel your CAT is


The CAT is probably repelled by potassium, which is abundant, so my recommendation is - to try to polish the furniture with a banana peel, to prevent further destruction.


CATS can not stand the smell of citrus fruits, especially: oranges, lemons, and limes, so you will protect your living space if you spray with a few drops of these fragrances.


Lavender, rosemary, mint, thyme, geranium (pelargonium), eucalyptus...

However, care should be taken with lavender and mint, because in larger quantities, even in the form of oil, they are TOXIC for CATS.


CATS will avoid it because they do not prefer spicy food.


With them, you also need to be careful, because they can cause certain more severe reactions in CATS, but can be diluted in water and sprayed on the furniture. 


they are usually ingredients in some cleaning products, so irritation is possible in CATS.


they can also irritate the sensitive olfactory receptors of CATS.


are very intense and spicy smells that CATS can not stand.


CATS do not like the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the smell of tomatoes, red onions, and garlic bothers them.

These are the scents that your PET will certainly avoid in a wide arc, and which will help you protect your furniture and living space. Personally, I a citrus-based perfume helped me, which I would spray on the places where our KITTEN liked to defecate, and it's up to you to choose and help yourself, without endangering your PETS.

     "We take care of our pets as for ourselves."

Friday, January 20, 2023



That Christmas magic really exists, I saw for myself. On that cold, winter morning in the pre-holiday season, God sent us an angel in the form of a tiny KITTEN. That was a really happy Catsmas Fairy tale!
As we hurriedly finished our pre-holiday shopping and rushed to the car, in the parking of a shopping center, we heard a piercing meow, which seemed to be coming from our car. That said, the cat's cry was calling for help and looking for "his people", who would provide him with a warm home and warm his frozen PAWS and tortured body and soul. 
We walked around the car to figure out where exactly the meowing was coming from and located it, that it was most likely under the hood. Fearing that he might be injured if he was caught by the car's engine, the husband fearfully raised the hood and saw an adorable, tiny "ball of wool" that literally fit in the palm of one hand. 

It was HIM - the cutest creature I've ever seen - a tiny, frightened KITTEN aged about 2.5 months. I took him in my arms and stroked him to warm him up and calm him down, which I succeeded in doing because he stopped crying. 
We decided to take him home, and then we will find him home since we already have our four CATS

Immediately after entering the living room, he ran to our oldest 16-year-old CAT, who was lounging in front of the fireplace and soaking up the heat. He probably thought she was his mother. However, our Tea rudely rejected him with her snorts and hisses, so he decided to move away. After satisfying his hunger with a nice cat "papa", he went to the SCRATCHING POST, where he slept for a few hours. 

Then came the bath. It wasn't exactly his favorite activity. He couldn't wait for it to be over, so he could go back to sleep or play with balls. It was a wonderful, already somewhat forgotten sight, because all our CATS are grown up and don't play with CAT TOYS often. Observing him like that, we realized that he reminds us a lot of our never regretted CAT Leo, who died tragically under the wheels of a car a few years ago. The similarity, which will be shown later, is not only physical but also in character. That's why we named him Leo

As far as I can see, he will be the same as his namesake - a true alpha CAT, warrior, and fighter. We fell in love with him at first sight and it was clear that we would not look for another home for him. Our home, we decided, would also be his. 

However, on the second day, our little "fur ball" started peeing all over the house, even though I showed him places with CAT PADS to defecate. He would stop by them, I guess only "when he made a mistake". And he peed quite a lot and often. The last straw was when, on New Year's Eve, in a house full of guests, he peed on the couch and then on the bed.

Nevertheless, we decided to keep it at least a little longer. If urinating in inappropriate places continues, we will take him to the CAT shelter in a veterinary clinic. And just as we were about to take him there, I burst into tears and couldn't tear myself away from him. I hugged him tightly, afraid that someone would take him from me. 

That's when it hit me - he must be sick. That's why he pees so often and profusely everywhere. I was right. Our "little one", although cheerful and playful, had a urinary tract infection and ended up on 7-day antibiotic injections.
Now it's great. He no longer pees everywhere, but only on his pads. He is still playful, overjoyed to have his warm home, his cat friends, who have already accepted him, and finally - his people, who love him immensely.

And I wonder: "What kind of people have the heart to leave such a small, honey KITTEN in the cold in front of a shopping mall?"
They probably wanted to get rid of it, because of the problem described above, hoping that some "good people" would pick it up and take it home. But that's just my guess.

What I want to point out is that ANIMALS are not stuffed toys and you don't have them, if you can't or don't want to take care of them!!!
Especially DO NOT BUY them, but if you have the opportunity and possibilities, provide them with a warm home by ADOPTING!!!
And to return to the beginning of the story, our little angel Leo brought us immense happiness and joy of Christmas, some inner peace and satisfaction, knowing that we helped a little being, saving him from certain death.

                         "We take care of our pets as for ourselves."

Tuesday, January 10, 2023



There are 10 different breeds of dogs on the picture standing next to each other

DOG- the best four-legged friend of man bears that title for a reason. Unlike CATS, which are tied to a particular territory, DOGS are social beings and as such, attached to their owner. This attachment and loyalty stem from the fact that certain BREEDS OF DOGS find it difficult to get used to loneliness because they are in the human company most of the time. 

The connection between DOGS and humans is visible throughout history, and in recent times it has come to the fore during this covid pandemic, as people have been more at home and spending their free time with their PETS, especially DOGS. When you are let down by family or friends and lose trust in people, your DOG will always be with you and for you. He will pick up a bullet for you, jump into the swollen river to save you, pull you out of the rubble… 

He is always there, and he needs so little, just a few delicious snacks, cuddling, and playing. Give it to him, and he will give you back many times over! His love for the owner is unconditional, primordial, and pure. And no rules apply here. There are only BREEDS OF DOGS that are more attached to their owner and those that are less so. In this text, we will talk about this first group. So, let’s get to know the DOGS most attached to their man and the top 10 BREEDS OF DOGS the most attached to the owner!


  • HUNGARIAN VIZSLA DOG, whose full name is SHORT-HAIRED or SHARP-HAIRED POINTER DOG, originates from Hungary, as the name itself tells us. We could freely call it an aristocratic BREED because it was once bred as a BREED that accompanied the nobility and aristocracy on game hunts. They are very lively, fun, and active DOGS, who love the company of people and cannot stand being alone. They are protective of their owner. They are cuddly and friendly towards their family, which makes them favorite PETS if you give them time to play and train because they are happiest on long walks in nature. If you allow them to do so, VIZSLA will be the most faithful DOG in the world that will not separate from you.


  • GOLDEN RETRIEVER originates from Scotland, and even two American presidents - Gerald R. Ford and Ronald Regan - owned a GOLDEN RETRIEVER. By the way, this is one of the most famous, popular, and favorite BREEDS of family DOGS. They are playful, highly intelligent, affectionate, and cuddly DOGS. They are great cuddlers, and this very feature of them will make you fall in love with them at first sight. They adore people, but they also love other animals and DOGS. They are very gentle, tolerant and have a good character, so they are suitable for playing with children. They are not aggressive, but calm and patient, loyal to their owner. Therefore, they are easy to train. They are fast and agile, they love walking by the water, and especially swimming. The GOLDEN RETRIEVER is a BREED that will adapt equally well to life in the house and apartment as well as to all family activities.


  • DALMATIAN DOG  - also known by the names: FIREHOUSE DOG, SPOTTED COACH DOG, and CARRIAGE DOG, he gained great worldwide popularity for his role in the well-known animated film "101 Dalmatians" as a friendly and active DOG full of positive energy. In the US they are known as "FIREFIGHTER DOGS", and Sparky DOG is the mascot of the American Association of Fire Fighters. The name DALMATIAN DOG originates from Dalmatia, which is located in my homeland, Croatia, and is an integral, sovereign part of it. Ancient records preserved in Dalmatia speak of this, where these DOGS were used as wartime DOGS, DOGS for border patrols, and also for pulling carts. By the way, data from as early as 2000 BC tell us about their origin when DOGS similar to the DALMATIAN DOG appeared on Greek tiles and frescoes. These DOGS are active, playful, very affectionate, and loyal to their owner. They love company, play, and fun, so they require socialization, training, and a patient owner from an early age. They get along well with people, other DOGS, and animals in general.


  • COCKER SPANIEL Due to its loyalty to its owner, and cheerful and playful nature, it belongs to the most popular DOG BREEDS as PETS. They are very cuddly DOGS, with sensitive personalities who get along great with people and DOGS, as well as with other animals. They are alert and intelligent DOGS that love activity, so they are easy to train. What you should never do, if you are the owner of a COCKER SPANIEL, is to leave them alone because they cannot stand being alone. As this is a HUNTING DOG, daily walks and exercises are mandatory. It is interesting to point out that COCKER SPANIELS are divided into 2 types: ENGLISH and AMERICAN. The differences between them are manifested mainly in physical appearance and the fact that ENGLISH COCKER SPANIELS are more active, while the character traits are more or less the same.


  • BORDER COLLIE is a BREED OF DOG that originated on the border between Scotland and England. They are also known as SCOTLAND SHEPHERDS, and they were bred mainly as shepherd WORKING DOGS. It is said to be the most intelligent BREED, as it can supposedly understand up to 1000 words, which according to some research means it has the intelligence of a 2.5-year-old child. They are very agile and fast, easily adaptable to all terrains and weather conditions. Although they are extremely loyal to their owner and family, they are not a good choice as a PET for families with small children, because it is in their nature to monitor everything that moves, including your child. In addition, it is very challenging to own this DOG, as they require a lot of activity, in order to prevent unwanted behavior and anxiety. This means if you intend to get a COOLIE, be prepared for a minimum of two hours of training, which will make him satisfied and happy.


  • HAVANESE DOG These beautiful, gentle little DOGS originate from Cuba and are their national symbol. They got their name from their capital - Havana. By the way, it is believed that the small white DOG was found in the Mediterranean area (Tenerife), where it followed traders around the world and thus developed into different BREEDS. Arriving in Cuba, he became a HAVANESE DOG and soon became a favorite among the Cuban aristocracy and wealthy plantation owners. THE HAVANESE DOG BREED originates from BICHON, and by this, we mean CURLY BICHON, MALTESE, SMALL LION DOG, BOLOGNESE, and COTON DE TULEAR. Today's appearance of the HAVANESE is thanks to the crossing of the then-Havanese Silk Dog with other members of the BICHON family, and also with the POODLE. Affection, sociability, liveliness and a very intimate relationship with people and children are the characteristics that mark this DWARF BREED. HAVANESE is a DOG made for a family with a strong desire to please. He wants to be with his family at all times because otherwise, he can suffer from anxiety. It is a very social DOG that requires a lot of attention. He loves long walks and more physically demanding games. It is easy to train him using positive methods in the form of praise and giving treats, so he will enjoy such training.


  • AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD This friendly WORKING DOG retains its herding instinct even as a PET. By the way, this BREED also plays a very important role in cases of rescuing and searching for people, as well as in the detection of drugs and other opiates. Its importance as a THERAPY DOG should certainly be highlighted. It is good-natured, although a bit reserved towards strangers at the beginning. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to socialization very early. He is characterized by: patience, playfulness, a friendly attitude towards children and other animals, including CATS, and a pronounced power of observation. He is very intelligent and obedient, so he will complete any work task with ease. He adores his people and loves to please them. However, this does not mean blindly following orders, because the AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD is a DOG with character and as such quite stubborn with a high degree of self-confidence. It is an active DOG that requires combined physical and mental training, at least 2 hours a day. Lack of activity or company can result in anxiety and boredom. This BREED is gaining more and more popularity as a FAMILY DOG, due to its obedience and ability to learn quickly, however, it should be remembered that it is originally a SHEPHERD DOG, which will always retain its independence and its will.

  • GERMAN SHEPHERD Due to its physical characteristics and its character, the GERMAN SHEPHERD is a very suitable family DOG. These are very intelligent, active, and protective DOGS. So, if you want a DOG that will be totally inactive and constantly lying on the sofa, then the GERMAN SHEPHERD is not the right choice for you, because it requires constant, both physical and mental activity and your attention. This means that you will have to practice this DOG every day from an early age and stick to early socialization. That is why you should start training while he is still a PUPPY to ensure his good health and for your PET to be in good physical and mental condition. But by no means overdo the workouts while they are still in development, due to possible health problems in the future. Therefore, you should start with light walks several times a day. The GERMAN SHEPHERD is a DOG that has a lot of energy, and if you do not allow him enough daily exercises and tasks, or leave him alone, he will become destructive and will spend his energy digging, barking, or chewing objects. Also, he should be allowed to play with other DOGS from time to time, because otherwise, he will not have very friendly preferences towards other DOGS. THE GERMAN SHEPHERD is known as an extremely obedient DOG, so it is easy to TRAIN. But you have to be consistent and use rewards as positive coaching methods, otherwise, your PET will take over dominance very quickly. If trained properly from an early age, they will grow into obedient, loyal, and smart DOGS with knowledge of numerous tricks. The GERMAN SHEPHERD is a BREED that gets along well with children, and if exposed to children from an early age, it will be their most faithful guardians and friends and will protect them from all possible dangers. It can also be said that they are reliable towards unknown children. However, caution is needed when interacting with children, due to the size of this DOG, which could inadvertently bring them down in the game. The GERMAN SHEPHERD will be best proven through the role of a cattle guard, for police and military purposes, searching and rescuing people, detecting drugs, but also as a GUIDE DOG for people with a disability.


  • BICHON FRIZE is a true example of a FAMILY DOG. They are good-natured, gentle, playful little DOGS with lots of energy. They love their family and love to be with them. They especially enjoy games with children. He will enjoy cuddling and lazing around, and he will win you over with his charm and cuteness. He has a good attitude toward other DOGS and CATS and is friendly toward strangers. He is not aggressive and does not tend to bark. This BREED is suitable for novice owners because it is smart and loves to learn, so it is easy to train. Of course, unless you fall victim to his charm. Although they have a cheerful character, being left alone for too long can cause destructive behavior and anxiety in them.


  • CHIHUAHUA The character of these DOGS is different. CHIHUAHUAS are lively, cautious, confident, brave, but also aggressive DOGS, due to their partly terrier character. These DOGS are not aggressive by birth but become so over time. They mostly show attachment to only one person, so they find it hard to accept new people. However, they can also make friends with strangers, if they are socialized early and exposed to different: situations, people, or sounds. They can be very jealous if they are not given enough attention. These are small, home DOGS, which do not require much space, so they are ideal for people living in an apartment. Living outdoors hides a number of possible dangers for them, as they can become prey to other animals, such as eagles. These are very active DOGS with an extremely high amount of energy that they will expend regularly by running around the house or apartment. But if you want your CHIHUAHUA to stay in good shape, daily light walks are recommended, which will satisfy their daily needs for activity. In doing so, be sure not to overwork him and provide him with enough rest. The CHIHUAHUA is an intelligent dog with great learning ability and can be TRAINED very well. These are DOGS who like to please their owner and with proper TRAINING, you will get a loyal and endearing DOG to your liking. TRAINING should be resorted to from an early age, just like SOCIALIZATION to prevent possible, possible unwanted behaviors in the future. TRAINING should use positive methods, such as rewards in the form of food, praise, and play. On the other hand, these DOGS require a "firm hand", because otherwise they will show disobedience and take over domination. Therefore, it is not recommended for people without experience with DOGS. If you have never had a DOG, and you really want a CHIHUAHUA, an older, already socialized CHIHUAHUA is recommended. Also, these DOGS are not recommended for families with children under the age of 9, because children in play could inadvertently injure them. Otherwise, they get along quite well with older children. They may or may not get along well with other DOGS (depending on the character of each other and whether or not they grew up together), as well as with other PETS, except for other CHIHUAHUAS in whose company they enjoy.

"We take care of our pets as for ourselves"

Tuesday, December 13, 2022



Cats are territorial animals and they mark their territory by scratching, at the same time emitting odors, which also means that the place is theirs. Scratching is instinctive and will not disappear with the fact that the cat lives in a house or apartment, and not outdoors. Therefore, your pet’s favorite scratching object will probably be your furniture. And not just any. Cats love furniture made of plush, tweed, wool, linen, or silk because they can extract fibers from such materials. And besides, such materials are difficult to clean cat hair. Because of that, it is best to choose materials made of microfiber, or even shiny leather. But, as the cat's temper is different, the best solution is to provide your furry pets with scratchers.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree
Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

The scratcher should initially be placed in the place where the cat was already scratching. Later, gradually, the scraper can be moved from one end of the room to the other, or you can get more scrapers.

Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post
Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post

The scratcher must be strong enough, stable, and high, otherwise, the cat will not want to use it. To encourage her to use it, put her favorite toy on the scratcher, play with your cat next to the scratcher, feed her next to the scratcher, and for each use of the scratcher, reward her with her favorite treat. If your pet continues to "sharpen its claws" on your furniture even with a scraper in the house, protect those parts with aluminum foil or double-sided tape.

Anti-scratch Cat Tape for Furniture - Stop Cat from Scratching Couch,Corners of Chair,Door Frame, Counter Tops and Carpet - Clear Double Sided Tape for Cat Scratching Cat Training Tape 2.5" x 16 Yard
Anti-scratch Cat Tape for Furniture - Stop Cat from Scratching Couch,Corners of Chair,Door Frame, Counter Tops and Carpet - Clear Double Sided Tape for Cat Scratching Cat Training Tape 2.5" x 16 Yard

Keep in mind that, in addition to the claws, the cat also left its scent on a piece of furniture she was scratching. To prevent it from happening again, you need to remove its odor as well, as otherwise it will come back to that part over and over again and scratch it. There are various neutralizing agents to neutralize odors and deter cats, but also those that serve to attract cats to the desired place (scratcher). If the cat is persistent and returns to the "crime scene" again, simply spray it with water or chase it away with a loud whistle to make the cat uncomfortable with the place where it wants to scratch because the cat never does anything that makes it uncomfortable.

QUTOP Cat Scratch Deterrent Training Spray, Cat Repellent Spray for Indoor and Outdoor Use - 175ml
QUTOP Cat Scratch Deterrent Training Spray, Cat Repellent Spray for Indoor and Outdoor Use - 175ml

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