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Thursday, February 16, 2023



Do you ever wonder what is the music influence on cats' and dogs' health, as it affects your own health? It has been scientifically proven that it helps to reduce stress and pain, but it is also suitable for stroke recovery. But what about the influence of music on our PETS?

With this story, I also announce a new column: MUSIC FOR CATS AND DOGS, which you will be able to follow on this blog from now on.

Compared to humans, whose hearing detects around 20 thousand Hz, CATS can hear sound up to 50 thousand Hz, which means that they have better hearing than DOGS. As we know, the CAT hunts by listening, because this is how it detects the sounds of potential prey, especially rodents, which are its favorites. Since rodents produce high frequencies, these are exactly the ones that the CAT will recognize sooner than the lower ones. These are also the frequencies on which they communicate. It is important to point out that the music that people listen to is not suitable for CATS and DOGS, and even bothers them. 
This is because their hearing is different from ours, human. CATS will usually let you know if they don't like a sound (e.g. the sound of a vacuum cleaner, TV, or mixer...). Fortunately, they like some sounds, listen to them, and enjoy them, because they calm them down. 
Here are those sounds: 

  • spilling food into a bowl 
  • opening a can
  • opening a door
  • woodwind music 
  • rustling
  • the sound of frying
  • squeaky toys
  • doorbells
  • chirping birds
It is evident from the above that it is actually ambient noise, so music was created, based on exactly that and on the usual cat vocalizations (purring, meowing...), to encourage their natural reactions and relaxation. Just to relax and reduce stress, it has been observed that CATS benefit from classical music.

Just like CATS, DOGS relax best with classical music. Especially, when they are scared, while heavy metal proved to be completely unsuitable for DOGS. Classical music reduces their stress and lifts their mood, and is responsible for better quality sleep of DOG
Music therapy is gaining more and more momentum in the world because it really helps. As DOGS can hear up to 45 thousand Hz, this should be taken into account when choosing music for DOGS

In addition, the tempo, type of music, and volume are also important factors in this type of therapy. When we talk about tempo, the emphasis is on an easier and slower tempo without sudden changes. While with the type of music, classical is proven to be the best, and a quiet sound will give the best results.

Music therapy for DOGS will come into play the most when you want to calm your DOG because he is afraid of thunder, fireworks, firecrackers, or everything in general. And it will certainly help with depression, anxiety, inability to sleep, or the barking of a DOG
According to some experts, relaxing and soporific music for DOGS has a relaxing effect on the owner of DOGS as well. This is because DOGS can detect our state of mind and emotions, so such music will give the best results.

Music therapy can also be a substitute for classical therapy with pills. However, not all DOGS react the same. Some will have a great reaction, while others will have no reaction, or will have a weaker effect. That's why it's best to decide for yourself and in consultation with a veterinarian what is most effective for your PET.

                              "We take care of our pets as for ourselves."


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