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Friday, January 20, 2023



That Christmas magic really exists, I saw for myself. On that cold, winter morning in the pre-holiday season, God sent us an angel in the form of a tiny KITTEN. That was a really happy Catsmas Fairy tale!
As we hurriedly finished our pre-holiday shopping and rushed to the car, in the parking of a shopping center, we heard a piercing meow, which seemed to be coming from our car. That said, the cat's cry was calling for help and looking for "his people", who would provide him with a warm home and warm his frozen PAWS and tortured body and soul. 
We walked around the car to figure out where exactly the meowing was coming from and located it, that it was most likely under the hood. Fearing that he might be injured if he was caught by the car's engine, the husband fearfully raised the hood and saw an adorable, tiny "ball of wool" that literally fit in the palm of one hand. 

It was HIM - the cutest creature I've ever seen - a tiny, frightened KITTEN aged about 2.5 months. I took him in my arms and stroked him to warm him up and calm him down, which I succeeded in doing because he stopped crying. 
We decided to take him home, and then we will find him home since we already have our four CATS

Immediately after entering the living room, he ran to our oldest 16-year-old CAT, who was lounging in front of the fireplace and soaking up the heat. He probably thought she was his mother. However, our Tea rudely rejected him with her snorts and hisses, so he decided to move away. After satisfying his hunger with a nice cat "papa", he went to the SCRATCHING POST, where he slept for a few hours. 

Then came the bath. It wasn't exactly his favorite activity. He couldn't wait for it to be over, so he could go back to sleep or play with balls. It was a wonderful, already somewhat forgotten sight, because all our CATS are grown up and don't play with CAT TOYS often. Observing him like that, we realized that he reminds us a lot of our never regretted CAT Leo, who died tragically under the wheels of a car a few years ago. The similarity, which will be shown later, is not only physical but also in character. That's why we named him Leo

As far as I can see, he will be the same as his namesake - a true alpha CAT, warrior, and fighter. We fell in love with him at first sight and it was clear that we would not look for another home for him. Our home, we decided, would also be his. 

However, on the second day, our little "fur ball" started peeing all over the house, even though I showed him places with CAT PADS to defecate. He would stop by them, I guess only "when he made a mistake". And he peed quite a lot and often. The last straw was when, on New Year's Eve, in a house full of guests, he peed on the couch and then on the bed.

Nevertheless, we decided to keep it at least a little longer. If urinating in inappropriate places continues, we will take him to the CAT shelter in a veterinary clinic. And just as we were about to take him there, I burst into tears and couldn't tear myself away from him. I hugged him tightly, afraid that someone would take him from me. 

That's when it hit me - he must be sick. That's why he pees so often and profusely everywhere. I was right. Our "little one", although cheerful and playful, had a urinary tract infection and ended up on 7-day antibiotic injections.
Now it's great. He no longer pees everywhere, but only on his pads. He is still playful, overjoyed to have his warm home, his cat friends, who have already accepted him, and finally - his people, who love him immensely.

And I wonder: "What kind of people have the heart to leave such a small, honey KITTEN in the cold in front of a shopping mall?"
They probably wanted to get rid of it, because of the problem described above, hoping that some "good people" would pick it up and take it home. But that's just my guess.

What I want to point out is that ANIMALS are not stuffed toys and you don't have them, if you can't or don't want to take care of them!!!
Especially DO NOT BUY them, but if you have the opportunity and possibilities, provide them with a warm home by ADOPTING!!!
And to return to the beginning of the story, our little angel Leo brought us immense happiness and joy of Christmas, some inner peace and satisfaction, knowing that we helped a little being, saving him from certain death.

                         "We take care of our pets as for ourselves."

Monday, December 5, 2022


                                                INTERVIEW BY XENA


Dear readers and subscribers of our blog WORLD OF CATS AND DOGS, we are in Split, the heart of beautiful Dalmatia in the home of the Drinkovic family, where we will present their PETS - two CHIHUAHUA DOGS - short-haired Ćići and long-haired Sherry. 

Let's remember, CHIHUAHUAS belong to the group VERY SMALL DOGS that was discussed in our video on our Youtube channel Snjezana-Xena M., and the same video was published on our already mentioned blog, so this is also an opportunity to announce a future post of CHIHUAHUA DOGS on our blog.  

EDITOR:  the proud owner, Mr. Frane Drinkovic is with us and will tell a few words about his PETS and thus bring us closer to this BREED

Mr. Drinkovic, first of all, tell us, why CHIHUAHUAS,  what did motivate you to CHIHUAHUAS as PETS

FRANE DRINKOVIC: CHIHUAHUAS  were actually my wife's choice and everything went in the direction that they are small, cute DOGS, which everyone loves, and since we live in an apartment, they suit us in terms of size. We thought our apartment was more suitable for SMALL DOGS than for bigger ones and that’s why it’s my choice. The wife adores CHIHUAHUAS, so it was a logical choice on her part (laughs). 

:  Chichi came first, then Sherry?

FRANE DRINKOVIC: That's right. Chichi was the first DOG we took and he is now 9 years old, he is a little older but still lively and cheerful. By the way, this is the first DOG we had in the family, so it was a surprise for the children as well, while they got used to it and the enthusiasm. But it took a lot of effort to explain to them that the DOG is not a toy and that care should be taken on how to treat it, so as not to injure it in the game. The wife had more DOGS as a child. I also had a PET - a CAT as a child. But as I said Ćići is the first DOG in my current family.

EDITOR: Would you say that CHIHUAHUA DOGS gets along well with children?

FRANE DRINKOVIC: Honestly, they are notorious for not getting along well with children. I’d say they’re more attached to the elderly, and the kids get a little annoyed with them. CHIHUAHUA DOGS have less patience with children than other DOGS, but since they are part of our family, they have become accustomed to children and have adapted greatly to us. That is why I believe that this is the case in other families as well.

: We see that your DOGS are very well-groomed. Namely, they have very beautiful and shiny fur, so I guess, how do they use certain SUPPLEMENTS for hair maintenance, as well as those related to their health in general.?

FRANE DRINKOVIC: That's right. We avoid cooked food, and we try to provide them with a special DIET, tailored just for them. In addition, it is good to give them some supplements, such as FISH OIL-SALMON OIL. FISH oil-based SUPPLEMENTS help them maintain hair, and the vet also recommended that it is good for their joints.

EDITOR: According to your own experience, can you recommend to our readers a special brand of DOG FOOD or SUPPLEMENTS just for this BREED?

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: Of course, now I will tell you what we have been using lately. As far as NUTRITION is concerned, we have been using Orien food for the last year. It is a food, which is acceptable by a veterinarian, and biologically suitable for DOGS. We prefer a FISH DIET that contains different types of fish. We are very happy with it and we will stick to it until we see some changes. In addition to such a NUTRITION, as already mentioned, we also use SALMON OIL from the manufacturer Wulf Pack because it contains omega 3 and omega 6 acids, which are essential for the shine and quality of hair, and prevent excessive hair loss.

EDITOR: Speaking of fur maintenance and care, can you tell us how often you bathe them?

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: On the recommendation of a veterinarian, DOGS should not be bathed often. Only, once a month or every two months, because bathing is often unhealthy for their skin. In winter, it is, perhaps a little more often due to the weather conditions, because their hair gets wet and dirty, and even takes on a strange smell. In principle, they do not sweat, so there is no unpleasant smell of sweat, which should therefore be removed. For washing DOGS, we use SHAMPOO "BIO-GROOM" It also contains REGENERATOR, is natural, does not cause allergies on their skin, and has proven to be very good.

EDITOR: Would you say that Chihuahuas are generally a healthy BREED OF DOGS?

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: Yes, since we have them, they very rarely fall ill. However, when you already mention this, some health problems can happen here and there. Thus, for example, Ćići (male) recently overcame DOG laryngitis, so he coughed for a while. We visited the vet and he got antibiotic injections. And that is all in these 9 years, as long as we have him, the only disease he had and why we took him to the vet. By the way, as they are VERY LITTLE DOGS, they have a lot of joint problems. Although, this is not the case with ours, since we use oleic acids, which help them a lot.

EDITOR: The younger Drinković-Dominik (13-year-old son) is here with us. He is the main "walker" of his DOGS, so he will tell us some interesting facts from his experience with those DOGS. Dominik, were there any funny incidents with Chichi and Sherry?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: Just the other day, two or three days ago, I was walking Chichi, a female dog appeared, and he became friends with her. When she went home, Chichi started running after her, because he already missed her. Upon returning home, he lay for 2 hours and did not want to get up from his crib because of grief for her.

EDITOR: Since Chichi and Sherry live in the same apartment and Sherry is a female, are they a couple then?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIC: (Laughter) Yes, you could say that (laughs).

EDITOR: Dominic, can you tell us more about your daily routine for you and your DOGS?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: When I get up, I go for a walk with Chichi. When we get home, I feed him. Along with food, he also gets SALMON OIL. After that, he goes to sleep a bit, then plays with Sherry. In the afternoon he goes for a walk again for about half an hour, an hour then we go home, so he can relax a little bit in his bed. In the evening he goes for a walk again, but this time with my sister, Lara. They return home, he eats again and goes to sleep. In the morning all over again. And Sherry is my mother's favorite and she takes care of her walks even though Sherry enjoys staying in the house and doesn't care for any walks.

EDITOR: Dominic, I hear you're interested in another BREED OF DOGS, is that correct?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIC: Exactly. I would really like to have a SHIBA INA DOG because it is a SMALL BREED and it is very similar to the JAPANESE AKITA or INU AKITA, which is much, much bigger and belongs to the BIG DOGS.

EDITOR: Your DOGS are sterilized, right?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: Only Chichi was sterilized 6 or 7 years ago.

EDITOR: Can you explain to us the importance of sterilization?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: I think Dad will explain it better than me (laughs).

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: We sterilized the male Chichi, because he and the female Sherry live together, in order to avoid the difficulties at the time of their mating. We didn’t sterilize Sherry because at 4 she still has time to reproduce if we decide to mate her and maybe keep another CHIHUAHUA for ourselves. But these are, just some plans for the future, for now. We are open to a variety of options.

EDITOR: Has Sherry already, perhaps, mated?

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: No, we have never mated her before. The wife recently spoke with a veterinarian, who suggested that mating should be done at least once, because of their psyche and maternal instinct. There is one interesting thing, and that is that she has her own rubber TOYS, which when the urge to mate comes to her, she probably considers her cubs and doesn't want to go anywhere without them. He treats these toys like her cubs. Therefore, we will definitely consider that option as well.

EDITOR: We will ask Dominic since he is the main "walker" of the DOG, could he imagine life without his PETS?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: Honestly, I don't know how I would imagine life without my PETS! I have had a Chichi since I was four, and Sherry since I was nine. So for most of my life, they are there. I don't know what my life would be like without them. If something happened to them, I would be very, very sad and unhappy.

EDITOR: So we can say that Ćići and Sherry are your best FOUR-FOOTED FRIENDS?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIC: Yes, we can certainly say that.

EDITOR: Considering that fact, do they then go everywhere with you and on the road, or do you leave them in one of the dog hotels?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: If we travel somewhere close or somewhere closer to the region, we take DOGS with us with all their accompanying documentation. And if we go on a long journey, we leave them for safekeeping with an already checked lady or in some DOG hotel.

EDITOR: And finally, do you have a message for our readers?

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: I would definitely recommend PETS to every family. It doesn't have to be a DOG, it can be a CAT or any other PET, because they enrich your life, relieve you of stress, and make you happy.

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                                                           WRITTEN BY XENA

Dear readers of our blog WORLD OF CATS AND DOGS, we are at the neighborhood playground in Bjelovar to introduce you to the DOGS of the Ivanovic family - two friends, a three-year-old GERMAN SHEPHERD, Abba, and a nine-month-old GOLDEN RETRIEVER, Bella.

As we know, both BREEDS GERMAN SHEPHERD and GOLDEN RETRIEVER belong to the group LARGE DOGS, and recently there was an article on the blog about the BREED GERMAN SHEPHERD, as well as a video about LARGE DOGS (in 4 parts) on our YouTube channel Snjezana Xena- M., so it would be interesting to recall. With this, I am also announcing a recent article about GOLDEN RETRIEVERS.

In the beginning, we will ask the owner, Mr. Branislav Ivanovic, about his PETS. It should be noted that this family is a true animal adorer, so except to two DOGS, in their home, you will be greeted by a cheerful group of CATS, a BUNNY, and a colorful PARROT.

EDITOR: Mr. Ivanovic, tell us where all this great love for ANIMALS came from and how it all started?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: The love for animals started from a young age. My parents have had PETS since I was born. I am constantly surrounded by ANIMALS. I’ve never been without a DOG or CAT, and for a while, we had, even hamsters, guinea pigs, and goldfish. The fact that we live in a house provides more opportunities to keep PETS than if we were in an apartment.

EDITOR: As far as I know, you have always had GERMAN SHEPHERDS in your family?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: Yes, you are right. Before Abba, I had a male who was with us for 16 years.

EDITOR: What happened to him?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: He died of old age. He waited for us all to gather at home, then to exhale.

EDITOR: Too bad! I believe it has affected your entire family. Tell me, was the DOG trained, or not?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: No, no he didn't, but he understood some commands, for example: sit, lie down, come…! He was otherwise very attached to his family and was terribly smart. I remember, when we were raising rabbits, so when a rabbit ran away, he would corner rabbit and wait until morning, until he heard one of us get up, and he would report that something was going on.

EDITOR: So he showed the personality of a GERMAN SHEPHERD to the fullest, he was a real GERMAN SHEPHERD in every sense?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: Yes, we could say that. He was a real GUARD DOG.

EDITOR: Since you also have a CATS, and as we know, there is an eternal antagonism between CATS and DOGS, but in your case, it is not so.?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: Oh, no! They get along very well. They are together from an early age, eating from the same dishes, and sleeping together. So there is no talk of any antagonism and hostility.

EDITOR: As we can see, you have GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIE. How come you decided to buy another DOG and why a GOLDEN RETRIEVER and not another GERMAN SHEPHERD?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: We already have a GERMAN SHEPHERD and he is always outside, and we wanted the other DOG to be the DOG that will be with us in the house. As we already had a GOLDEN RETRIEVER who stayed in the house and proved to be very neat and obedient, the logical choice then was the GOLDEN RETRIEVER. In addition, they have a benign nature, so this has greatly influenced our choice.

EDITOR: Yes, it is common knowledge that GOLDEN RETRIEVERS are among the most peaceful DOGS. Since you said that she (Bella) was staying in the house, how did you solve the problem of  MOLTING?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: You can't prevent molting, especially in the molting season and hair is everywhere, so regular cleaning of the living space is necessary, and a good BRUSH and regular BRUSHING can solve the biggest problem in this regard. We brush both DOGS regularly, but the GERMAN SHEPHERD not as often as the RETRIEVER, because it does not molt as much as the RETRIEVER.

EDITOR: Speaking of beautifying PETS, tell us, how often do you bathe them?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: We don't bathe Abba, ie the GERMAN SHEPHERD at all. If, for example, we walk next to some water, then it wants to jump into the water and thus refresh itself, just like the RETRIEVER Bella that we normally bathe. Bathing is on a monthly basis with shampoo once or twice, and up to twice a day with clean water.

EDITOR: Do you use special DOG FOOD, or do you cook for them for their NUTRITION?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: We use DOG FOOD, which we buy in specialized pet stores. We don’t have a specific manufacturer we would prefer. It’s mostly dry FOOD and canned food from time to time, and we also buy them beef bones. Cans, as I said we use to a lesser extent, due to the delicate digestion of the GERMAN SHEPHERD.

EDITOR: You mentioned digestive problems in the GERMAN SHEPHERD in case of inadequate nutrition, but it is common knowledge that they have hip problems. What are your experiences on this issue?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: I have always had a "WORKING" BREED of the GERMAN SHEPHERD, which has no problems with the hips because the back end of its body is straight and not low. Abba is a WORKING DOG, not a show dog, so her physical characteristics as a GERMAN SHEPHERD is not so pronounced. In this case, it turned out to be positive, because there are no problems with the hips.

EDITOR: In your experience, would you say that the GERMAN SHEPHERD is a healthy BREED, or is it prone to disease?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: I can say that I have never had any health problems with her and that the GERMAN SHEPHERD definitely belongs to a healthy BREED OF DOGS.

EDITOR: Regarding RETRIEVER Bella, you told me in an informal conversation that she had pancreatic problems. Have you managed to solve this completely?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: Yes, she had problems with her pancreas. Namely, as we had some family celebrations, she was out with us and because of our omission, some of the guests were giving her lamb and pork. She ate a lot of it and then got sick. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with pancreatic problems, so she had to receive infusions and injections. But all that is now behind us. Bella has recovered and she is now the same again: a cheerful and playful puppy.

EDITOR: We saw, you have children. Can you bring us closer to the relationship between your children and your DOGS?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: Their relationship is phenomenal and friendly! Children play with them, especially the younger son. He pulls them by the ears, tail… and they never react in a negative way. When they get bored of the game, they simply move away from them and retreat to their "shelter" and that's it. They never attacked them.

EDITOR: We know that the GERMAN SHEPHERD the GUARD DOG. What is Abba like in that regard, is she distrustful of strangers?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: She is very distrustful of strangers. Until the first litter she just barked, but anyone could enter the yard. After the first litter, she changed her behavior, so now she doesn't let anyone into the yard, not only that she barks, but also she barks and takes a stand, waiting for one of us (the family) to show up. Then he starts wagging her tail and lets the stranger into the yard.

EDITOR: Do you attribute the change in behavior, in fact, to caring for the YOUNG?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: Most likely, because now I notice a greater defensive attitude towards my family and my yard, than towards the litter.-

 EDITOR: Although her CUB is no longer in the same yard with her, she is protective and defends her yard and her house?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: Yes, she still kept that defensive position.

EDITOR: You mentioned that Abba had a baby for the first time. Do you want to sterilize it now or will you let it continue to breed?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIĆ: For now, I think there will be another litter, but with a purebred GERMAN SHEPHERD. This time she mated with a black LABRADOR who somehow entered the yard due to a combination of circumstances. I soon shared the DOGS with friends because they are very attractive.

EDITOR: How many were in the litter?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIĆ: She gave birth to five puppies, and three survived. Two were born dead. So I shared those three puppies. One is there next door to my uncle.

EDITOR: That's little Lara. We will also do a story about her soon. And what about Bella? Do you want to let her give birth at least once, or will you sterilize her?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: I will let her have the first litter, followed by sterilization.

EDITOR: You mentioned, how she loves to play with your kids, say, does she have her favorite toy?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: Actually, no. Both Abba and Bella love to play with toy balls and just balls. RETRIEVER Bella also has her rubber duck, who is squeaking. When she starts to play with it, especially at night, then it’s real madness. Especially since she sleeps in the house with us (laughs). But, the two of them like to play together the most.

EDITOR: Is there a dose of jealousy between them?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: Yes, a crumb. Abba is jealous, in the moments when we caress Bella. Then she pushes her snout as a sign that we shouldn't forget about her, that she also wants attention and her dose of cuddling. But nothing more. However, she never directed her jealousy against the RETRIEVER, nor was she aggressive towards her. Although, RETRIEVER knows how to exaggerate in the game. SHEPHERD, just, in that case, growls a little, to move this one and that's it.

EDITOR: Your older son ANGELO is with us, so he could describe his day with Abba and Bella. How does your day start with your PETS?

ANGELO IVANOVIC: First, Bella wakes me up in the morning, taking the blanket off me, jumping on me, and licking me. She knows roughly when I get up, and then she wakes me up. Then I get up, go out and feed one, then the other. Then comes Abba. He licks me, waves her tail, and jumps on me like he wants to hug me. Then the two of them play and so their day passes.

EDITOR: Do you have daily obligations to them, or do you do it voluntarily?

ANGELO IVANOVIC: No, I do not consider it an obligation. It’s more like a game to me. Also, we walk them twice a week. We go to the woods or to the playground. By the way, we have a house with a yard, so they mostly play and run by themselves. Anyway, life with PETS is a lot of fun because if you don’t know what to do with yourself, you can always play with them. They relieve stress, but they also know how to encourage it by destroying furniture and similar stuff like that.

EDITOR: GERMAN SHEPHERD and GOLDEN RETRIEVER, they are both pure-breed DOGS, so I assume you provide them with all the necessary veterinary care?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: Absolutely! Both are chipped and vaccinated regularly, and we use other veterinary services as needed.

EDITOR: That's very commendable! From this example, we can learn how vaccination and chipping of PETS are necessary because in case they wander or get lost, the owner can find them quickly and easily. Finally, tell us, would you personally recommend to each family a GERMAN SHEPHERD or GOLDEN RETRIEVER as a PET, or any PET, regardless of species and RACE?

BRANISLAV IVANOVIC: I would recommend the GERMAN SHEPHERD or the GOLDEN RETRIEVER to everyone because they are very attached to their family, especially children. But it depends on who prefers what. Anyway, I recommend any PET to anyone.

EDITOR: Thank you for the interview!

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