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If you're on the hunt for your new four-legged companion, choosing the right dog breed can be quite a challenge. To simplify your decision-making process, we've conducted thorough research on dog breeds that are notoriously easy to train. In our previous article, we discussed the breeds that are more challenging to train, but don't worry—being easy to train doesn't mean these breeds are any less intelligent or capable. In fact, most dog breeds possess the intelligence equivalent to a 2-year-old child. Additionally, each breed has its own predisposition for specific tasks, such as following commands and working alongside humans (such as guarding livestock) or working independently. In this article, we'll focus on the dog breeds that are known for their trainability, particularly those from working and sporting lines. Let's dive in and explore which dog breeds made our list of the top 10 easiest to train.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are incredibly popular worldwide due to their friendly nature, playfulness, and sociability. While their curiosity often lands them in awkward situations, proper training can help prevent any potential harm. It's important to teach them obedience and essential commands, such as "leave it," from an early age. Known for their muscular build, Labradors are frequently employed as working dogs for detecting illegal substances. Furthermore, their loyalty, obedience, and excellent compatibility with children make them exceptional pets. These factors contribute to the ease of training this breed.

German Shepherd

For detailed information about the German Shepherd breed, please refer to our previous post: https://www.catdogwrld.com/2021/06/what-do-you-need-to-know-about-german.html. In terms of training, German Shepherds are highly intelligent and obedient, making them popular choices for police and military work. Whether training for specific tasks or as family companions, it's crucial to start short training sessions, around 5-10 minutes, multiple times a day, from a young age. Long training sessions are not recommended for puppies due to their limited concentration span during development. To maximize their interest in training, schedule sessions before meals and reward them with treats. Properly trained German Shepherds coexist harmoniously with other pets and dogs. For further information, you can also check these resources: 

Golden Retriever

What can we say about these beautiful dogs? Golden Retrievers excel in intelligence, obedience, and their affinity for humans, making them ideal family dogs and remarkable pets. They also make fantastic therapy and assistance dogs, showcasing exceptional obedience and agility in competitions. Positive training methods, including treats, praise, and gentle scratches, work wonders with this breed.


Poodles are renowned for their beauty, and elegance, and often dominates dog shows. Beyond their physical attributes, Poodles are loyal dogs and among the most intelligent breeds worldwide. Consequently, they are easy to train. However, it's important to note that Poodles are fairly active and require daily physical and mental stimulation.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are fiercely loyal and protective of their owners. Historically used as protection dogs, they possess characteristics such as self-confidence, fearlessness, obedience, determination, and intelligence. These traits contribute to their quick learning and ease of training. Although they enjoy socializing with people, proper training and early socialization are essential to prevent potential aggression. With the right training, a Doberman can be a treat rather than a "killing machine."

Border Collie

Considered the most intelligent dog breed globally, the Border Collie's intelligence is often compared to that of a 2.5-year-old child. As a result, training this breed is relatively easy. Border Collies learn and continuously seek mental and physical stimulation. They excel in obedience, agility, and herding tasks. Consistent training methods, such as positive reinforcement and interactive play, are essential for this breed's well-being and development. You can find more about this dog here:

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

Australian Shepherds, despite their name, originated in the United States. They are highly energetic and intelligent dogs, commonly used for herding livestock. Their natural inclination to please their owners and their eagerness to learn to make them highly trainable. Australian Shepherds thrive in an environment that challenges their minds and bodies, so incorporating activities such as obedience training, agility courses, and interactive games is recommended.

Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

Shelties are often described as miniaturized versions of the Rough Collie breed. They are intelligent, responsive, and eager to please their owners. Shelties excel in obedience and agility training, as well as various dog sports. Their small size and adaptability make them suitable for various living situations, including apartments and houses with yards.


The Papillon, meaning "butterfly" in French, is a small toy breed known for its distinctive butterfly-like ears. Don't let their small size fool you—Papillons are highly intelligent and trainable. They are quick learners and respond well to positive reinforcement methods. Regular mental and physical exercise is essential to keep them engaged and prevent boredom.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Although small, it is a DOG that is very strong and muscular. It is a very obedient DOG, which is what it is best known for, so training does not pose any problem for it.
In addition to the above, there are a number of other DOG BREEDS that are easy to train. Therefore, if your DOG is not among them, do not despair! If you have enough time, patience, and knowledge, you can train any BREED in the world. These BREEDS are only the best choice for training.

Remember, while these dog breeds are considered easier to train, each individual dog may have its own unique personality and learning style. It's important to adapt your training methods to suit your dog's needs and be patient throughout the process. Training should always be based on positive reinforcement, using rewards and praise to motivate and encourage desired behaviors.

Whether you choose one of these easy-to-train breeds or another breed that captures your heart, investing time and effort into training will foster a strong bond and a well-behaved companion for life. Happy training!

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Cats and Dogs are Hugging Themselves in the middle of the ruins After Predicting an Earthquake.



Images of the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria are still vivid. For some of you, it is much more, because you yourself have been victims. Nature sometimes surprises us with its cruelty, and a significant role in all of this belongs to man. 

He is the one who, with his irresponsible actions, largely influenced climatic changes, and thus most likely severe natural disasters such as earthquakes. 
Could this have been foreseen and thus avoided catastrophic consequences of an enormous degree? I leave it to the experts to deal with it in the future because this is a blog about CATS and DOGS after all. However, what I would like to point out with this introduction and what I will deal with in this post, is the possibility of predicting earthquakes by our PETS. So, the question is can pets predict an earthquake or not?

Pets and Their Ability to Sense Cataclysms:

That animal can sense cataclysms has been known since ancient times. Thus, for example, back in the 4th century BC (373 BC), ancient Greece was hit by a huge earthquake, where the entire city of Helikea, where the epicenter was, collapsed into the ground. Just two days before that unfortunate event, rats, snakes, worms, weasels, and centipedes left that city and found refuge elsewhere. 

A Dog That is All Scared is Standing Next to a Device That Predicts  Earthquakes

From recent history, there is a record of the earthquake near Naples in 1805, which talks about the unusual behavior of domestic animals immediately before the earthquake. So, for example, some DOGS will whine and bark "for no reason" before an earthquake, and if they are on the floor in a house or apartment, they will run outside barking. While others will hide among the furniture, stare blankly or seek protection in the lap of the owner, and some will not return to the house for some time after the earthquake, due to the closed space. 

Cats, Dogs, and Other Animals:

CATS, but also snakes, frogs, and fish, can also sense an earthquake. CATS get nervous before an earthquake because they react to sudden changes in the Earth's magnetic field due to their heightened senses. Namely, they can feel tremors, changes in temperature, the smell of stagnant water, and noise. CATS actually react to the increase in static electricity in the air that occurs just before an earthquake. 

Beautiful Little Black and White Kitten Standing in the Middle of the Ruins Caused by a Great Natural Disaster

It is believed that a CAT predicted the earthquake in Albania in 2019, because a surveillance camera recorded its agitated behavior, just before the earthquake. And that video went around the world and became viral. 

Chickens literally go crazy before an earthquake (clucking in panic, flapping their wings, they behave as if some predator attacked the chicken coop), and during and after the earthquake they become even crazier. These are the words of the author Tributsch, who studied the ability of animals to predict earthquakes and published this in his book "Omens of Earthquakes". In it, he analyzed as many as 78 collected descriptions of unusual animal behavior around the globe. Thus, he states that "aquatic animals", such as crocodiles and frogs, are particularly sensitive to earthquakes, affecting them more than other animals. 

Scientific Evidence and Opinions:

There is a whole range of opinions on this topic, and scientists in Japan have been dealing with it for the last few years, which is understandable if we take into account that Japan is located in a seismic area. Earthquakes are an almost frequent occurrence there.


My humble opinion on this topic is that our PETS and animals in general can sense and therefore predict cataclysms. Moreover, there is more recent scientific evidence about this, that is, evidence from the age of developed seismology, and it cannot be said that it is just empty speculation or superstition. I leave it up to you to decide for yourself whether it is superstition or scientific truth.

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World of cats and dogs

                                                          By Xena
The world of cats and dogs will help you 
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The 5 best cat trees of 2022. in the USA

Table of contents

  • Introduction and introductory word from the editor
  • The name and the picture of the products
  • Pros and cons of the products
  • The products specs
  • What people say about the products
  • The final word from the editor 
  • Conclusion and editors pick

Hello everybody, my name is Xena, and today I will present to you the solution to one of your biggest problems with your pet cat and that is SCRATCHING THE FURNITURE!!!

How many of you have had this problem or had it in some part of your life or even will have it in the future?

This is the million-dollar question! In my opinion and what I can say from my experience with cats EVERY, and I will repeat EVERY cat owner has or has had these problems in some part of his coexistence with his pet cat. My life has always been filled with feline company and they have always brought me not only love and joy, but also a lot of headaches and scratched furniture, and the solution to this problem was not always easy. At the moment, I am the proud owner of three cats named Tea, Bella, and Neo and in the past, there was not a single moment in my life without the company of my furry little friends. In one period of my life, I even had nine, YES NINE cats at the same time, and you can imagine how did my furniture look like. I have tried a lot of products from dozens of different manufacturers and the solution was not always satisfactory, but finally, I saw a post on the internet very similar to this one and then it hit me! The solution was so simple and pretty that I couldn’t believe that I was so foolish that I didn’t try it before. There was a lady who was writing a blog about cats and their behavior and she mentioned that every cat needs something to grind the claws and BUM, that was the solution that I was searching for.

CAT TREE was the only real thing that would help me with my cats without any further questions asked, because cutting my cat’s nails was out of the question, because they need them for climbing the trees and playing, and a lot of other normal cat stuff. So, without any more waste of time, I clicked on the button on the best product that the lady was writing about and I purchased a beautiful CAT SCRATCHING TREE. The expectations were huge and I couldn’t wait until my CAT TREE came to my home. And finally, it did and that day was the happiest day for my furry little friends and me of course.

Because of the feeling that I had that day and the happiness in my cats' eyes, I will write this post and review the 5 best cat trees of 2021. in the USA. And here it goes! Enjoy the reading of this post!



Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree



Specifications of the product:

  • Manufacturer: Go Pet Club Inc
  • Product dimensions 27 x 38 x 62 inches; 41,3 pounds
  • Material: compressed wood, faux fur, natural sisal ropes
  • Customer Reviews:

What people say about this product on Amazon:

Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2016

Color: BeigeVerified Purchase
Assembly was pretty easy and feels sturdy enough for my 8 lb cat. The little hanging basket thing is probably only big enough for a kitten, but everyone knows the "if i [barely] fits, I sits" rule. There is a screw that may be compromising some reviewers' trees, making them unsteady or loose after some wear and tear. It's a double ended screw and some people may not be distributing its threads equally between posts (because it is possible to keep screwing it past it's designated point). If you screw the post in without holding the screw in place, it will keep screwing further into the initial (wrong) post leaving very little support for the post you are trying to attach. Overall this cat tree is very sturdy if built correctly and my cat loves it. Would highly recommend. 

My cats took a shine to this immediately! Assembly was not difficult. The instructions are step-by-step pictures. It took me about 40 minutes to assemble. Assembly is rough on the back and knees, so you may need to take a break. I powered through it. My cats began laying and scratching the various parts as soon as I removed them from the box and continued to play as I assembled the product. The condo and the tube are definitely intended for kittens. My little 8-pound cat may be able to squeeze into the condo, but definitely not the tube. My 14.5-pound cat is content to lay on the hammock on the upper level.

Overall, the construction is good and seems sturdy enough. The most difficult part about assembly was attaching the ladder as there is little space and gravity is working against you. I have only just received it today, but thus far I am satisfied with the purchase. I will update further if I discover anything particularly great or terrible about it.


This attractive 62-inch cat tree of beige color, it's a perfect solution to keep Your cat friend happy, busy, and very cozy. This cat tree is wrapped with a high-quality faux fur finish and highly durable compressed wood. Verified Amazon customers have rated this cat tree very high because of the unique features that it has, such as a condo, ladder, hanging toys, tunnel, basket, and top perch. Also, multiple scratching posts covered by natural sisal ropes are one of many positive things that verified Amazon customers have mentioned in multiple positive reviews. All in all, the overall judgment of this product is very positive among reviewers, and it is a good value for the money paid. Only a few objections are mentioned among reviewers and they can be neglected.





Specifications of the product:

    • Manufacturer: Furhaven Pet Products, Inc.
    • Product dimensions:  69.3 x 19.7 x 19.7 inches; 41.45 Pounds
    • Material: faux fur, sisal fiber rope
    • Customer Reviews:

    What people say about this product on Amazon:

    Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2015 

    My husband and I took in a stray, Spanky, whom we wanted to keep as an indoor cat without him taking to scratching the furniture. We've had many cats through the years and none of them played with toys. So we bought the smallest one this company makes just to see. Not only did he LOVE it, and roughed at it so much we had to keep repairing it! lol (not because of poor quality,but because our outdoor cat, Vinnie, who is much larger loved it too! So, we took the plunge and bought this one. It was the best thing in the world!!! Both cats love it so much, it gives me many hours of enjoyment as I am bedridden and can enjoy watching them play. I would buy it all over again ....that's how much it occupies their time. Not to mention, they love sleeping on it as well. Its VERY sturdy, not very hard to put together...took less than 1/2 hour, and just for added fun, placed it in front of the window today so he could look out the window... Spanky hardly left his condo all day! Just LOVE this item! 

    Reviewed in the United States on July 5, 2017

    My cats absolutely love this cat tree! It almost touches our ceiling. My cats are almost 1 year old and are over 10lbs. It seems to be sturdy. They are always playing and fighting each other on the highest tiers without us being worried about it falling over. They love playing with the busy box. My male cat destroyed the fake mouse and ball on the lower tier within 30 minutes. I would say that was the only negative thing I can say about it but he wasn't going to stop until he got them off. The gray goes well with my decor. Overall it's a great product and I'd recommend.


    This 5-ft and 8-inch tall cat tower has multiple levels, a cat-IQ busy box, 2 cat condos, a dangling mouse toy, a dangling ball, springy-wand ball cat toys, and a sisal scratching post. It is easy to assemble and made of highly durable long-lasting material. This cat tower is the best for kittens or small cats, it is stable and sturdy, and a good value for the money paid. Playing with this cat tower, Your 4-legged  will probably enjoy.



    Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts


    Specifications of the product:

      • Manufacturer: Amazon Basics
      • Product dimensions:  15.7 x 31.5 x 15.7 inches; 15.43 Pounds
      • Material: made of MDF, carpet, cardboard tubes, and jute
      • Customer Reviews:

      What people say about this product on Amazon:

      This is my second time purchasing this tree, my cat loves it and we wanted to get him another when we moved to a bigger apartment. I tried very, very hard to find a better tree (bigger, etc.) but this is definitely the best cat tree for the price. I love that it has so many scratching posts - so many cat trees have only one scratching post and that just isn't enough for our cat Meatloaf. He is a scratching fiend, and he scratches each level of the tree before jumping into the bowl on top. He literally spends most of his time in the dish on this tree. It's his absolute favorite place to sleep. The carpet on it isn't too ugly, and it's easy to clean.

      I will note that this model is slightly different from the one I originally bought - they moved the post on the third level from the point of the triangle to the middle of the "hypotenuse" if you will. This is a big improvement, and makes the tree much more stable. The previous one we had to counterbalance but this one is plenty sturdy.

      Edit: This cat tree has held up great! I wanted to note that my cat is pretty big, a lean ~15 pounds, and he is rough with his tree. He frequently takes running leaps directly from the floor to the dish on top and has yet to topple it. Also it's the perfect height to set next to a window, it gives him the perfect angles to angrily glare at wildlife from the comfort of his dish or while sitting on the middle ledge. Still can't beat it!

      My Mr. Tiger wasn't too sure about it the first few hours after I set it up - but NOW - it's the first place he goes AFTER his morning rituals of breakfast, brushing, and morning cuddles before racing to hold court on all the neighborhood activities going on outside the huge 3 panel picture window his tree sits center front of.

      One proviso / warning - My Tiger is a HUGEMONGOUS 18 pound mostly Maine Coon cat - and I had to place a not-so-pretty cement cinder cap block in the bottom as enough weight to secure it - so it doesn't fall over when he JUMPS onto it from across the room for distance - or when he flies OFF of it when he's got other important kitty stuff to DO! Thought the relatively tiny round bed top wouldn't fit his big ol' fuzzzy behind - but he manages to sorta screw himself into it and snoozes blissfully away IN it with one leg hanging off and his head resting comfortably on the rim! Need to pick up another one for his high perch in the Den now! Gotta say too - it was MORE than worth it's surprisingly LOW price tag and the QUALITY build & materials are IMPRESSIVE to say the least! Bet your Kitty would LOVE one as much as my big ol Boy does!


      This best budget multi-level cat tree is very simple to assemble has a stable square-shaped base and it is not too heavy. It has instructions and tools included, and it is ideal for placement in the room corners. Considering that it's made of natural materials like jute, and compressed wood, Your cat will enjoy scratching her nails and playing with this cat tree. Verified customers have written that it's a good value for the money paid.




      Vesper Cat Furniture, Cat Trees


      Specifications of the product:

        • Manufacturer:  Vesper
        • Product dimensions:  22.5 x 17 x 11 inches; 40.5 Pounds
        • Material: Wood and memory foam
        • Customer Reviews:

        What people say about this product on Amazon:

        This package arrived several days ago, but I was intimidated about the assembly so I let it sit for a few days. I decided to tackle it tonight since my husband is not home and will not try to "help" (interfere). I took all of the pieces out of the box and arranged them in the bathroom floor. It is crucial to close the door so that you do not receive feline assistance. Do not be swayed by the constant crying of the cats. They know that there is a party in the bathroom and they are missing out. At first, I was irritated because I felt like some of the holes had not been drilled all of the way through the base of the box and I thought some of the pieces were different than the drawings on the instructions. Here is a crucial piece of advice. WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO! Some kind soul has posted a video on how to assemble this product. The video saved my sanity. Do not hesitate to watch part of it, pause it while you do a little assembly, rewind and watch that part again, and go back to assemble some more. The hardest part is the "box". Once you have that completed, you are golden. After I finished and brought it out to the living room, the cats LOVED it. I sprayed the cushions with liquid catnip to encourage them to explore. Fat Cat did not fit in the box but I knew when I ordered that he would not. He is a handsome hunk of cat, but at 22 pounds he is pretty large (he is on obesity management food and lost 2 1/2 pounds last year so I hope the trend will continue for the next few years). There were a few skirmishes over territory (we have 3 cats) but I feel like each cat will have claimed his/her spot by the end of the week.

        I foster kitties and so I need something I can sterilize if someone gets sick. This is a beautiful unique cat tree. You can add carpet with velcro or even insulated beds. The scratchers are super sturdy and it provides plenty of kitty shelter even if it is extremely compact and fits in any room big or small. I will be buying from this company again and again as do far they are officially my favorite makers of cat furniture. They seem to "get" what a cat wants, what a cat needs, what ever keeps them happy sets them free and I'm thanking them for knowing exactly...
        It's easy to put together for people who can read directions and are not me. However, my boyfriend assembled it pretty easily. Looks like this is a perch cats will get a lot of use out of. Especially if placed next to a window. We got caves for cave dwelling cats. Perches. Beds. It's amazing.
        It will really hold up against time and use too.
        Highly recommend this to all my cat people and friends.


        Innovative design, meticulous workmanship, and cat-friendly materials have resulted in this elegant yet practical, and modern cat tree. It satisfies all the needs of Your cat and the aesthetic tastes of cat adorers. The cushions are made of soft memory foam, condo, and platforms are made of wood. This cat tree is very good for indoor cats, and it is suitable for multiple cats. The V-high base is an observation deck as well as a place to rest for Your cat and plush cushions are the perfect cat bed. This is a luxury wooden cat tree for people who know what they want.



        Specifications of the product:

          • Manufacturer:   Armarkat
          • Product dimensions:  27 x 24 x 73 inches; 45 Pounds
          • Material: faux fleece, seasoned sisal rope, pressed wood 
          • Customer Reviews:

          What people say about this product on Amazon:

          Yes. Get this! I spent hours of research and contemplation before choosing this brand and model. Arrived packaged unusually well, they even provided the hardware in a little velvet sack. Nice touch! The condo boxes come preassembled so it is just building it up vertical, my cat Gryffindor and I built it together. He LOVED this. He immediately launched to the top to touch the ceiling before vaulting in hysterical circles around the room. He is a happy boy! 4 hours later he finally came down. 12 lb elderly Guapita enjoyed the spacious lower condo. It was large enough for her to stand and turn around. We have a 3rd kitten arriving soon so it felt like time to make this purchase. It is solid, sturdy, stable and large. They love it and so do the humans that live here 😀 So now we just have to figure out where to put this big contraption. A problem worth having! If you are worried about stability and quality, I absolutely recommend this one. I will update if any concerns moving forward!

          Reviewed in the United States on October 26, 2016

          I'd been eyeing Armarkat trees for a while, and this one was really reasonably priced, and fit the space in our room perfectly. Assembly for this tree was easy, and took about half an hour with two people working at once. I suggest wearing gloves while handling the scratching posts/rope since I got a few wicked sisal splinters and cuts.

          This cat tree really sprawls out length wise, but for us we already had things for the cat on the floor (cat bed and her carrier), so we just tucked them under the two bottom ledges, so it didn't seem like we lost any floor space. We have the cat tree beside the closet door, so it was important for us that we find out where the width didn't interfere with opening the closet door, and it just fits into our space.

          My cat loves all of this, with the exception of the very top perch (I think it's too tall for her? She just seems really hesitant to go up by herself and cries when we pick her up and put her there), and the hammock. She made the mistake of jumping into the hammock without investigating it properly and was freaked out when it moved under her paws. The rest of the tree is a hit, especially the house portion and the many ledges to pouch or nap on.

          The material the tree is covered in is definitely soft and plush. It reminds me of a micro velvet throw blanket I own and that my cat naps on at every opportunity. It seems like it will be easy to clean, and it arrived without any odd chemical odors. ((EDIT: Three months in, and the easiest way I've found to clean the tree (without using a vacuum) is to brush the fabric while I'm wearing nitrile gloves. It pulls the fur up and into large clumps which make it easy to pick up.)) The sisal ropes are all tightly wrapped and don't have any ends poking out. Armarkat sells replacement scratching posts and other pieces on their website, so I'm glad I'll be able to replace anything that gets damaged over time versus buying a whole new tree.

          Ultimately, my cat loves her giant new climbing tower, and my partner and I feel like it's a good fit in our room without being too bulky. Everyone's happy with it!

          Final word, conclusion, 
          and editor's pick:

          This Armarkat Classic cat tree has been approved by noted cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy and it is an editor's pick, too. We have picked this cat tree because of its multiple advantages like 100% natural seasoned sisal rope, coverings that are permanently adhered to wood structures, and high durability (up to 12 years), which is checked and reviewed by verified Amazon customers. It is suitable for multiple cats (more than 3) of all ages, sturdy and stable, and easy to clean and maintain. We believe that it is worth spending Your money on this product and that You will be more than satisfied, but this is only our opinion, and in the end, You will choose Your cat tree on Your own.

          Good luck!!!

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