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Do you know this DOG? You’re right, it’s the CHIHUAHUA- the national symbol of Mexico. It has become especially popular in America due to its appearance in advertisements for fast-food restaurant chains. It is one of the oldest BREEDS coming from North America- Mexico. THE BREED was named after the largest country in Mexico - CHIHUAHUA. By the way, the history of the BREED goes far back in time, and there are various theories about the origin of the BREED. According to one of them, the CHIHUAHUA DOG comes from the TECHICHI BREED. They were the DOGS of the Toltec people who inhabited the territory of Mexico in the 9th century. With the victory of the Aztecs over the Toltecs in the 12th century, the Aztecs "introduced" these DOGS into their civilization and culture, and the Aztec nobility worshiped them as deities, especially the blue-colored DOGS. The last Aztec emperor Montezuma II was such a fan of CHIHUAHUAS that he had hundreds of them. The Aztecs believed that CHIHUAHUA DOGS could guide the souls of the dead through the underworld. Therefore, the remains of a CHIHUAHUA DOG were found in graves along the border between Mexico and the USA, along with human skeletons. There is also evidence of this theory, which is found in a Franciscan monastery in the city of Huejotzing. Namely, this monastery was built of stones in which depictions of DOGS with round heads and upright ears resembling today's CHIHAVA are carved. In addition, the entire Toltec civilization abounds in a variety of art objects depicting DOGS similar to CHIHUAHUA.

According to another theory, the CHIHUAHUA BREED was created by crossing small DOGS from China (TERRIER) brought with them by Spanish settlers and local DOGS there.

Regardless of the theories, as I initially emphasized, the BREED was named CHIHUAHUA because it was discovered in the Mexican state of the same name (Chihuahua) in 1850 by Americans who arrived there. They then took several of these DOGS to the United States, and at the same time, they were brought to Europe by the wife of the Mexican Emperor Maximilian, Empress Carlotta. In this way, CHIHUAHUA became famous all over the world. 


  • They belong to the group VERY SMALL DOGS
  • Weight: 0.9-3.5 kg
  • Height: 15-23 cm
  • Lifespan: 14-18 years

They are said to be one of the smallest BREEDS in the world. There are short-haired and long-haired variants of this BREED. Short-haired have smooth and shiny hair, while long-haired Chihuahuas have either slightly curly or straight hair. All colors and color combinations of fur are allowed, and the most common are brown, cream, black, white, chocolate, tricolor combination, and gray, but also fur with spots or stains. CHIHUAHUAS have a round head, rather large and bright eyes, and large, spaced, and slightly slanted (at a 45-degree angle) ears, which are lower in moments of rest. Their nose is black, usually short and pointed. This BREED has a cylindrical body with a moderately long tail, curled at the sides or above the back. It is interesting to mention that Chihuahua puppies have soft scalp (like newborn babies), which hardens over time. Although fragile and tiny, CHIHUAHUAS are DOGS with huge personalities.


The character of these DOGS is different. CHIHUAHUAS are lively, cautious, confident, brave, but also aggressive DOGS, due to their partly terrier character. These DOGS are not aggressive by birth but become so over time. They mostly show attachment to only one person, so they find it hard to accept new people. However, they can also make friends with strangers, if they are socialized early and exposed to different: situations, people, or sounds. They can be very jealous if they are not given enough attention. These are small, home DOGS, which do not require much space, so they are ideal for people living in an apartment. Living outdoors hides a number of possible dangers for them, as they can become prey to other animals, such as eagles. These are very active DOGS with an extremely high amount of energy that they will expend regularly by running around the house or apartment. But if you want your CHIHUAHUA to stay in good shape, daily light walks are recommended, which will satisfy their daily needs for activity. In doing so, be sure not to overwork him and provide him with enough rest.

The CHIHUAHUA is an intelligent dog with great learning ability and can be TRAINED very well. These are DOGS who like to please their owner and with proper TRAINING, you will get a loyal and endearing DOG to your liking. TRAINING should be resorted to from an early age, just like SOCIALIZATION to prevent possible, possible unwanted behaviors in the future. TRAINING should use positive methods, such as rewards in the form of food, praise, and play. On the other hand, these DOGS require a "firm hand", because otherwise they will show disobedience and take over domination. Therefore, it is not recommended for people without experience with DOGS. If you have never had a DOG, and you really want a CHIHUAHUA, an older, already socialized CHIHUAHUA is recommended. Also, these DOGS are not recommended for families with children under the age of 9, because children in play could inadvertently injure them. Otherwise, they get along quite well with older children. They may or may not get along well with other DOGS (depending on the character of each other and whether or not they grew up together), as well as with other PETS, except for other CHIHUAHUAS in whose company they enjoy.


Short-haired CHIHUAHUAS require regular BATHING and occasional BRUSHING, while long-haired ones must BE BRUSHED regularly to prevent the tangling of hair. By the way, fur shedding in these DOGS is minimal - only during the molting season, ie in spring and autumn. Despite the relatively unpretentious care, CHIHUAHUAS need to regularly CLEAN TEETH and GUM, as well as CUT NAILS, and CLEAN EARS, to avoid infections and accumulation of wax in the ears.


Chihuahuas have a very small digestive tract, and they burn calories faster than LARGE DOGS, so they are prone to hypoglycemia, so they should get FOOD more often and in small meals. Their NUTRITION is conditioned by: age, activity, and size of the DOG and should contain high-quality nutrients, in order for your CHIHUAHUA to be healthy and happy. Here they proved to be absolutely the best for PUPPIES: food for PUPPIES Royal Canin CHIHUAHUA, Hill's Science Diet PUPPIES formula; adult food CHIHUAHUA: Royal Canin CHIHUAHUA formula, Rachel Ray formula for LITTLE DOGS. For older DOGS, there are Nutro Formula for Seniors SMALL BREEDS and Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach.


CHIHUAHUAS belong to the healthy DOG BREEDS. However, there are certain health problems they are prone to. I have already mentioned hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), then there are tracheal collapse, heart murmur, heart stenosis (congenital heart disease, when blood does not flow properly through the heart), and luxation of the patella, which occurs when the patella is not properly aligned. As they are a brachiocephalic BREED, characterized by: a wide skull, short nose, and straight face, they can have problems with eyes, skin, and breathing. It is interesting to note that CHIHUAHUAS do not tolerate cold, and tremble from time to time. The cause of shivering, in addition to cold, can be fear, excitement, restlessness, or dissatisfaction.

If you have experience with DOGS, and you want a smaller DOG GUARD, then be sure to get this small and graceful, and so big DOG-CHIHUAHUA and you will certainly not regret it.

“If you’re willing to take on the responsibility of caring for a Chihuahua, you’ll get a dog that is more adaptable and cuddly than most other dogs” - A New Owner’s Guide to Chihuahuas.

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