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                                                                                WRITTEN BY XENA

Domestic cat called Tea with tiger patern collor of fur and big green eyes is looking towards you.
CATS- these beautiful, mysterious, and cunning creatures, have long been a part of our lives, members of our households, and our families. Keeping CATS as PETS dates back to the distant past, long before Christ. As we know, even the ancient Egyptians had CATS for pets 5000 years ago. Moreover, they gave them divine meaning and power (see ANCIENT EGYPTIAN CATS AND MYTHOLOGY). There are records that the relationship between a CAT and a man dates back to the Stone Age. Either way, we can conclude that the relationship between man and CAT is as old as civilization itself. Besides, ancient Egyptian civilizations and other cultures and peoples worshiped CATS. The Japanese considered the CAT a messenger of peace and a symbol of happiness. Hindus also adored CATS and were expected to take care of at least one CAT during their lifetime. Even the Prophet Muhammad, according to legend, was especially fond of CATS. He reportedly cut off his sleeve on which his PET-CAT Muezza slept, so as not to wake her. And some cultures (present-day Thailand and Myanmar) believed that CATS guarded the souls of specially chosen people.

However, history has not always caressed these wonderful creatures.

Thus, for example, in the Middle Ages some religions, including the Christian one, persecuted and killed CATS. Even during the Renaissance, they were burned at the stake because they were associated with witches and evil forces. It was a "dark age" for CATS. But over time (early 17th century) such worldviews were abandoned, as CATS proved to be indispensable in the fight against rodents, which transmitted the plague, and which ravaged Europe. Thus, CATS became an important factor in human life and part of the living community, and at the end of the 19th century, the first CAT exhibitions were opened. CATS make us happy and relaxed, but sometimes they also make us sad. They give us the harmony of life, and "time spent with CATS is never wasted" - Sigmund Freud would say.

Then why do most people resort to DOGS as PETS? The answer to that question, I don’t know, but I can give you good reasons why you’ll want to have a CAT.

Black and white cat with green eyes called Bella is lying on the floor with her paws under her body.
Their relaxing SPINNING will also affect the relaxation of your body, which will reduce your blood pressure, and thus the possibility of a heart attack. So, CATS will reduce your stress with their gentle SPINNING. Contrary to the opinion, that CATS does not attach to humans and are solitary, a Mexican study that showed that they are more relaxed and willing to explore the environment when their owners are in the room. CATS are sociable by nature and express strong social interactions with other ANIMALS and even some DOGS, although there are loners among them as well. However, CATS are individualists, and it is difficult to impose anything on them. They are the ones who decide where and with whom they will spend their time. CATS are curious and active. They enjoy the game, especially with a ball of wool and toys that resemble their prey (stuffed mice or toys with feathers), because they learn to hunt by playing.

CATS can be said to be intelligent creatures because they have a great ability to remember and learn. This is evidenced by the fact that they quickly discover how to get people to do exactly what they want - for example, they respond to their name when it's time for a meal. The memory serves them some useful information, such as the most comfortable place to sleep, favorite food or toy, and the place where their water bowl or their toilet is located.

Russian blue cat with nice copper colored eyes and very mystic look is on the picture.
CATS that live outdoors know the boundaries of their territory well, they remember the CATS that live there, as well as dangerous DOGS. They can easily “solve” problems by associative memory in a way that compares the new problem to the one already experienced. CATS are nocturnal hunters, and their hyperactivity comes to the fore before evening, and they gather the necessary strength during sleep. On average, they sleep 13-14 hours. They are extremely tidy and maintain their own hygiene by licking their fur. Later, they expel the accumulated balls of hair by vomiting, which is preceded by chewing the grass. CATS are very affectionate animals. They like to cuddle with their owner, but only and only when they decide to. They are real sweets, so the very sight of these shaggy balls will fill your heart with love and warmth. They have a very good sense of time. So they can be a great wake-up alarm and will keep bothering you until you get up on time.

The best reason to keep a CAT as a PET is that it does not require much care. Namely, as they are very independent, they only need a little of your attention in the form of a daily dose of cuddling and playing, and providing basic living needs to be happy. They will also fill you with happiness.

Maybe by reading this text, you are one step closer to getting your CAT. If so, then my advice is, “ADOPT, DO NOT BUY!” This will make you do a good deed and you will be more spiritually fulfilled, and that is then a good prerequisite for healthy living in general.

   "We take care of our pets as for ourselves."


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