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JAPANESE AKITA DOG of red and white color is standing in the middle of green loan with his nice twisted tail.


Due to the extremely noble and dignified facial expression, this beautiful DOG is one of the most popular DOG BREEDS and is among the top 20 MOST BEAUTIFUL DOG ​​BREEDS in the world. It is also the national symbol of Japan.

AKITA DOGS belong to the group of BIG DOGS and are one of the largest from the group of SPITS. There are two completely different AKITA BREEDS:


They differ mainly in appearance. THE JAPANESE (INU) AKITA is smaller, lighter, and smaller than the AMERICAN AKITA, and has only: red, white, tiger or yellowish colors, while the AMERICAN AKITA can have different colors and color combinations.

THE JAPANESE AKITA (AKTIA INU) is also called the GREAT JAPANESE DOG or AKITA-KEN, and originates from the mountainous area of the ​​Akita province on the island of Honshu in Japan, after which it got its name. It was originally called AKITA MATAGI. The original purpose of these DOGS was to hunt bears (which is why the BREED has retained its hunting instinct even today), and between 1600 and 1868, it was widely used as a carrier of heavy weapons for samurai and in DOGS combat. Later, with the restoration of imperial power, AKITU could only be owned by members of the Japanese nobility.

In the early 20th century, dogfighting was banned, and the AKITA was promoted as a GREAT JAPANESE BREED.

During World War II, the JAPANESE AKITA experienced a real catharsis, as it was massacred for food and clothing for the military. Therefore, many owners of this beautiful BREED, let their DOGS into the forest, to save them from certain death. Some even crossed them with GERMAN SHEPHERDS to become MILITARY DOGS. DOGS released into the woods would be found by American soldiers and transferred to the United States, and as a result, a new BREED was created - the AMERICAN AKITA. Thus the breed spread to other continents. After the Second World War, there were only 30 copies of INA AKITA left. That is why Japanese breeders have been working quickly to restore pure BREED by crossing it with MATAGI AKITAMA.

Throughout history, the AKITA has changed its appearance, crossing with other BREEDS: TOSA INU DOGS, ENGLISH MASTIFF, GERMAN SHEPHERD, and even the GREAT DANE. This resulted in an increase in the size of the AKITA.

With its imposing appearance, the AKITA DOG attracts attention all over the globe and is especially appreciated in Japan, the USA, and Europe. For the popularization of this BREED, the film "HACHIKO" is largely responsible, which described in the right light the temperament and faithful nature of this BREED. Precisely because of their loyalty, but also their adorable appearance, AKITA DOGS have become a favorite PETS around the world.


  • Weight: 32-50 kg, females, 34-59 kg males
  • Height: 58-66 cm, females, 64-71 cm males
  •  Lifespan: 10-15 years

JAPANESE AKITA is a large double fur dog resistant to extreme winter conditions. The fur has a thick and delicate undercoat. In the neck and hip area, the hair is slightly longer, while the hair on the tail is the same length as in other parts of the body. The colors of the fur are exclusively red, white, tiger, or yellowish, ie the color of sesame. This DOG has a flat and firm back, broad and rounded legs, relatively small, triangular eyes of dark brown color, and small triangular ears, round at the ends. The head is proportional to the forehead with a moderately long black snout, broad at the base. This DOG BREED has a thick tail, which is curled and set high on the back, and a thick neck moderately proportional to the head.


Two Akita dogs stand next to each other and cuddle their heads against each other.The main characteristic of this BREED is loyalty. INU AKITA remains faithful to its owner until death, towards whom it is protective. They are good guardians and distrustful of strangers, so it is possible to show aggression towards them. Therefore, early socialization is needed. They are extremely brave and fearless. They love company and on the other hand, are independent and always ready to take the initiative. In order to get along well with other animals and other dogs, AKITAS need to be introduced to them gradually and carefully, because they are by nature distrustful and cautious. Also, these DOGS can fit well with older children, but with strong supervision. INU AKITA is by no means a good choice for families with small children because, in the game, it can inadvertently hurt a child (small children do not know how to play properly with AKITA). These DOGS are very sensitive, and calm, but also dominant. They are very quiet and rarely bark. They are intelligent and learn quickly. They can be quite stubborn, so constant work and patience with them, on the part of the owner is required. In addition to physical activity, AKITA also requires mental activity. Therefore, the owner must impose his dominance and "firm hand", because otherwise, he will have problems with the behavior of the DOG in the future. Females are less dominant and calmer, making them easier to work with. As they are hyperactive, they require long walks and exercise. But he won’t complain if regular activities are sometimes absent. However, if you leave it outside for a long time, it can become destructive and aggressive.


This BREED is very neat and does not leave a strong odor, even after a meal they will clean the face by licking it. However, during the molting period, DOGS need to be brushed more often (molting lasts approximately 2-4 weeks, and molting is done twice a year). Otherwise, weekly brushing is enough to maintain the hair. They tolerate cold well, while high temperatures affect them badly. Because of their character, they require long walks, runs, and exercises. The conclusion is that this BREED requires moderate care.


To avoid kidney disease, it is necessary to switch to low-calorie foods around 7 years of age and avoid foods high in fat, due to the possibility of obesity. Food must have high nutritional values ​​and must be of good quality.


AKITAS belong to the relatively healthy BREEDS OF DOGS. Nevertheless, certain health problems and diseases can occur, in particular: CORONARY ARTERY DISEASES, HIP DYSPLASIA, INFLAMMATION (it is also a riskier and life-threatening disease), GASTROINTESTINAL DISORDERS, PROGRESSIVE AND ATROPHYSTEMIC AUTOCHESTRA KOYANAGI-HARADA SYNDROME-affects the eyes and skin of affected DOGS, HERNOLYTIC ANEMIA- blood disorder, PEMPHIGUS FOLIACEUS- hereditary skin disorder).

And finally, we can conclude that INU AKITA is a good choice for family DOGS for people who already have experience with DOGS, while people without experience are not recommended at all. If you do opt for AKITA as your first DOG, be sure to seek expert advice on training and dressage.

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