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Very beautiful German Shepherd  of black and yellow colour with a green collar around the neck and with his tongue out is standing by the river.


Rex or Hund? What do these names associate you with? Yes, you are right, these are the most common names for the GERMAN SHEPHERD (also known as the ALZASIAN SHEPHERD), one of the most famous DOG BREEDS in the world. 

Rarely has anyone not heard of this beautiful, smart, brave, intelligent, and confident DOG originally from central and southern Germany. The development of this BREED began in the late 19th century when former military captain Max von Stephanitz (1898) experimented with breeding BREEDS in order to create a superior German BREED

At the DOGS exhibitions, he visited with all his heart, he noticed a  DOG like a wolf that he liked very much, and in the end, he bought it. He was called Horand von Grafrath. It was: a strong, faithful, and intelligent DOG, just as he imagined a true representative of the top German BREED. Precisely, he is the first GERMAN SHEPHERD and all purebred GERMAN SHEPHERDS are descended from him. The GERMAN SHEPHERD BREED was adopted in 1919. 

Originally the GERMAN SHEPHERD was conceived as a DOG keeper of the herd, but as industrialization in Germany took off at the time and the need for these DOGS was reduced, Stephanitz decided that the GERMAN SHEPHERD would be a working BREED.

As he himself was once in the army, he agitated with the German government to use the GERMAN SHEPHERD for military purposes. Thus, in the First World War, GERMAN SHEPHERDS were used as messengers, guards, deliverers, and rescuers, and also the Red Cross DOGS. Because these DOGS lost some of their original characteristics, Stephanitz devised a BREED quality control system, so these DOGS had to undergo various tests - from health and temperament control to fitness and intelligence testing. 

As the appearance of DOGS was important in the USA, in order to win at exhibitions, these DOGS after the Second World War began to differ from the original BREED in Germany. Therefore, the USA started importing DOGS from Germany for the needs of the army and police, because domestic DOGS failed to pass all the necessary tests. It is widely believed that GERMAN SHEPHERDS are bred in America, calmer, but more prone to problems than those bred in the homeland. 

By the way, the GERMAN SHEPHERD BREED became popular in America only after the First World War, to which DOG Rin Tin Tin contributed by starring in as many as 27 Hollywood films. 

And after the Second World War, the world public was not too enthusiastic about the name GERMAN, and in England, the BREED was called the ALZASIAN SHEPHERD, which remained until 1977, when the original name GERMAN SHEPHERD was returned. 

It is interesting to mention that the first DOGS guides were GERMAN SHEPHERDS, and they proved to be real heroes after the terrorist act at the World Trade Center, on September 11, 2001, where they searched for survivors. Although known as the bravest DOGS in the world, GERMAN SHEPHERDS are also among the TOP 10 MOST POPULAR DOGS, TOP 10 SMARTEST, and TOP 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL DOGS in the world, and they are also gentle PETS who love and protect their family at all times.


  • They belong to the group BIG DOGS (26-44 KG)
  • Weight: 22-32 kg females, 30-40 kg males
  • Height: 55-60 cm females, 60-65 cm males
  • Lifespan: 9-13 years

GERMAN SHEPHERD belongs to the BREED selected for keeping cattle. It is, therefore, a SHEPHERD DOG, and at the same time a HUNTER OF CATTLE. Due to its corpulence, it was originally bred as a GUARD DOG in more extreme climatic conditions, and therefore he had to have fur that would protect him from the weather (snow, rain) but also dust. GERMAN SHEPHERD's fur is thick, straight, and sharp. It can be long or double (with a light gray undercoat) of medium length. The color of the fur is black with different variants of black and cream (yellow), black and maroon, black and silver, and sable color and liver color. White markings on the chest are not desirable but are allowed.

The head of this DOG is wedge-shaped, proportional to the size of the body with a strong and muscular neck. His nose is straight with no dents or bulges, and his upper and lower jaws are strong so that his teeth are deeply implanted. The dentition has 42 teeth and the lips are dark and taut. The ears of this beauty are erect and medium in size with pointed tips. Lop ears in this BREED, are not allowed. The GERMAN SHEPHERD has almond-shaped eyes, slightly slanted and medium-sized, dark in color, while bright and shiny eyes are undesirable. The strong, muscular, and firm back with a long and wide tail speaks of the impressiveness of the GERMAN SHEPHERD.


Due to its physical characteristics and its character, the GERMAN SHEPHERD is a very suitable family DOG. These are very intelligent, active, and protective DOGS. So, if you want a DOG that will be totally inactive and constantly lying on the sofa, then the GERMAN SHEPHERD is not the right choice for you, because it requires constant, both physical and mental activity and your attention. This means that you will have to practice this DOG every day from an early age and stick to early socialization. That is why you should start training while he is still a PUPPY to ensure his good health and for your PET to be in good physical and mental condition. But by no means overdo the workouts while they are still in development, due to possible health problems in the future. Therefore, you should start with light walks several times a day. The GERMAN SHEPHERD is a DOG that has a lot of energy, and if you do not allow him enough daily exercises and tasks, or leave him alone, he will become destructive and will spend his energy digging, barking, or chewing objects. Also, he should be allowed to play with other DOGS from time to time, because otherwise, he will not have very friendly preferences toward other DOGS. THE GERMAN SHEPHERD is known as an extremely obedient DOG, so it is easy to TRAIN. But you have to be consistent and use rewards as positive coaching methods, otherwise, your PET will take over dominance very quickly. If trained properly from an early age, they will grow into obedient, loyal, and smart DOGS with knowledge of numerous tricks.

The GERMAN SHEPHERD is a BREED that gets along well with children, and if exposed to children from an early age, it will be their most faithful guardians and friends and will protect them from all possible dangers. It can also be said that they are reliable towards unknown children. However, caution is needed when interacting with children, due to the size of this DOG, which could inadvertently bring them down in the game. The GERMAN SHEPHERD will be best proven through the role of a cattle guard, for police and military purposes, searching and rescuing people, detecting drugs, but also as a GUIDE DOG for people with a disability.


The GERMAN SHEPHERD is a DOG BREED that does not require excessive care, so weekly brushing of the hair and trimming of the nails is enough, when necessary. The exception is the molting season (2 times a year) when it needs to be brushed frequently. It is not advisable to bathe often, but occasionally, so as not to remove the natural oils, which are essential for hair maintenance. Ears should be cleaned from time to time with cotton, and soaked in an ear cleaner with a balanced pH value, to remove wax or an unpleasant odor. To clean his teeth, a bone or chewing toy will suffice and they will clean their own teeth.


This DOG needs to be fed food that will satisfy all its nutritional needs. Therefore, choose food that will be delicious for your PET, and at the same time will keep him full for a long time and allow him healthy skin and hair. In the colorful dog food market, choose the one that your PET will enjoy the most and that will ensure his health. Due to well-known problems with the joints, and especially the hips in this BREED, be sure to provide him with glucosamine preventively, which you can buy separately or in premium foods. Foods high in fat, as well as cooked bones, should be avoided.


GERMAN SHEPHERDS belong to the relatively healthy BREEDS OF DOGS. However, as with other BREEDS, certain health conditions can develop if some of their physical characteristics are excessive, such as a falling back. The most common health problems that these DOGS encounter, which also characterize this BREED, are hip and elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, bloating, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and allergies. Due to all the above, before buying a GERMAN SHEPHERD, I recommend that you carefully research all breeders of this BREED, and make a purchase with an authorized and responsible breeder, who will guarantee all known characteristics of the BREED, as well as the fact that your DOG comes from a healthy litter and healthy line.

The GERMAN SHEPHERD is certainly one of the most famous, popular, and beloved DOG BREEDS in the world, but if you do not have time to deal with it, or do not have enough energy, then the GERMAN SHEPHERD is by no means a good choice for you.

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