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Dear readers and subscribers of our blog WORLD OF CATS AND DOGS, we are in Split, the heart of beautiful Dalmatia in the home of the Drinkovic family, where we will present their PETS - two CHIHUAHUA DOGS - short-haired Ćići and long-haired Sherry. 

Let's remember, CHIHUAHUAS belong to the group VERY SMALL DOGS that was discussed in our video on our Youtube channel Snjezana-Xena M., and the same video was published on our already mentioned blog, so this is also an opportunity to announce a future post of CHIHUAHUA DOGS on our blog.  

EDITOR:  the proud owner, Mr. Frane Drinkovic is with us and will tell a few words about his PETS and thus bring us closer to this BREED

Mr. Drinkovic, first of all, tell us, why CHIHUAHUAS,  what did motivate you to CHIHUAHUAS as PETS

FRANE DRINKOVIC: CHIHUAHUAS  were actually my wife's choice and everything went in the direction that they are small, cute DOGS, which everyone loves, and since we live in an apartment, they suit us in terms of size. We thought our apartment was more suitable for SMALL DOGS than for bigger ones and that’s why it’s my choice. The wife adores CHIHUAHUAS, so it was a logical choice on her part (laughs). 

:  Chichi came first, then Sherry?

FRANE DRINKOVIC: That's right. Chichi was the first DOG we took and he is now 9 years old, he is a little older but still lively and cheerful. By the way, this is the first DOG we had in the family, so it was a surprise for the children as well, while they got used to it and the enthusiasm. But it took a lot of effort to explain to them that the DOG is not a toy and that care should be taken on how to treat it, so as not to injure it in the game. The wife had more DOGS as a child. I also had a PET - a CAT as a child. But as I said Ćići is the first DOG in my current family.

EDITOR: Would you say that CHIHUAHUA DOGS gets along well with children?

FRANE DRINKOVIC: Honestly, they are notorious for not getting along well with children. I’d say they’re more attached to the elderly, and the kids get a little annoyed with them. CHIHUAHUA DOGS have less patience with children than other DOGS, but since they are part of our family, they have become accustomed to children and have adapted greatly to us. That is why I believe that this is the case in other families as well.

: We see that your DOGS are very well-groomed. Namely, they have very beautiful and shiny fur, so I guess, how do they use certain SUPPLEMENTS for hair maintenance, as well as those related to their health in general.?

FRANE DRINKOVIC: That's right. We avoid cooked food, and we try to provide them with a special DIET, tailored just for them. In addition, it is good to give them some supplements, such as FISH OIL-SALMON OIL. FISH oil-based SUPPLEMENTS help them maintain hair, and the vet also recommended that it is good for their joints.

EDITOR: According to your own experience, can you recommend to our readers a special brand of DOG FOOD or SUPPLEMENTS just for this BREED?

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: Of course, now I will tell you what we have been using lately. As far as NUTRITION is concerned, we have been using Orien food for the last year. It is a food, which is acceptable by a veterinarian, and biologically suitable for DOGS. We prefer a FISH DIET that contains different types of fish. We are very happy with it and we will stick to it until we see some changes. In addition to such a NUTRITION, as already mentioned, we also use SALMON OIL from the manufacturer Wulf Pack because it contains omega 3 and omega 6 acids, which are essential for the shine and quality of hair, and prevent excessive hair loss.

EDITOR: Speaking of fur maintenance and care, can you tell us how often you bathe them?

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: On the recommendation of a veterinarian, DOGS should not be bathed often. Only, once a month or every two months, because bathing is often unhealthy for their skin. In winter, it is, perhaps a little more often due to the weather conditions, because their hair gets wet and dirty, and even takes on a strange smell. In principle, they do not sweat, so there is no unpleasant smell of sweat, which should therefore be removed. For washing DOGS, we use SHAMPOO "BIO-GROOM" It also contains REGENERATOR, is natural, does not cause allergies on their skin, and has proven to be very good.

EDITOR: Would you say that Chihuahuas are generally a healthy BREED OF DOGS?

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: Yes, since we have them, they very rarely fall ill. However, when you already mention this, some health problems can happen here and there. Thus, for example, Ćići (male) recently overcame DOG laryngitis, so he coughed for a while. We visited the vet and he got antibiotic injections. And that is all in these 9 years, as long as we have him, the only disease he had and why we took him to the vet. By the way, as they are VERY LITTLE DOGS, they have a lot of joint problems. Although, this is not the case with ours, since we use oleic acids, which help them a lot.

EDITOR: The younger Drinković-Dominik (13-year-old son) is here with us. He is the main "walker" of his DOGS, so he will tell us some interesting facts from his experience with those DOGS. Dominik, were there any funny incidents with Chichi and Sherry?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: Just the other day, two or three days ago, I was walking Chichi, a female dog appeared, and he became friends with her. When she went home, Chichi started running after her, because he already missed her. Upon returning home, he lay for 2 hours and did not want to get up from his crib because of grief for her.

EDITOR: Since Chichi and Sherry live in the same apartment and Sherry is a female, are they a couple then?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIC: (Laughter) Yes, you could say that (laughs).

EDITOR: Dominic, can you tell us more about your daily routine for you and your DOGS?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: When I get up, I go for a walk with Chichi. When we get home, I feed him. Along with food, he also gets SALMON OIL. After that, he goes to sleep a bit, then plays with Sherry. In the afternoon he goes for a walk again for about half an hour, an hour then we go home, so he can relax a little bit in his bed. In the evening he goes for a walk again, but this time with my sister, Lara. They return home, he eats again and goes to sleep. In the morning all over again. And Sherry is my mother's favorite and she takes care of her walks even though Sherry enjoys staying in the house and doesn't care for any walks.

EDITOR: Dominic, I hear you're interested in another BREED OF DOGS, is that correct?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIC: Exactly. I would really like to have a SHIBA INA DOG because it is a SMALL BREED and it is very similar to the JAPANESE AKITA or INU AKITA, which is much, much bigger and belongs to the BIG DOGS.

EDITOR: Your DOGS are sterilized, right?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: Only Chichi was sterilized 6 or 7 years ago.

EDITOR: Can you explain to us the importance of sterilization?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: I think Dad will explain it better than me (laughs).

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: We sterilized the male Chichi, because he and the female Sherry live together, in order to avoid the difficulties at the time of their mating. We didn’t sterilize Sherry because at 4 she still has time to reproduce if we decide to mate her and maybe keep another CHIHUAHUA for ourselves. But these are, just some plans for the future, for now. We are open to a variety of options.

EDITOR: Has Sherry already, perhaps, mated?

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: No, we have never mated her before. The wife recently spoke with a veterinarian, who suggested that mating should be done at least once, because of their psyche and maternal instinct. There is one interesting thing, and that is that she has her own rubber TOYS, which when the urge to mate comes to her, she probably considers her cubs and doesn't want to go anywhere without them. He treats these toys like her cubs. Therefore, we will definitely consider that option as well.

EDITOR: We will ask Dominic since he is the main "walker" of the DOG, could he imagine life without his PETS?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: Honestly, I don't know how I would imagine life without my PETS! I have had a Chichi since I was four, and Sherry since I was nine. So for most of my life, they are there. I don't know what my life would be like without them. If something happened to them, I would be very, very sad and unhappy.

EDITOR: So we can say that Ćići and Sherry are your best FOUR-FOOTED FRIENDS?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIC: Yes, we can certainly say that.

EDITOR: Considering that fact, do they then go everywhere with you and on the road, or do you leave them in one of the dog hotels?

DOMINIK DRINKOVIĆ: If we travel somewhere close or somewhere closer to the region, we take DOGS with us with all their accompanying documentation. And if we go on a long journey, we leave them for safekeeping with an already checked lady or in some DOG hotel.

EDITOR: And finally, do you have a message for our readers?

FRANE DRINKOVIĆ: I would definitely recommend PETS to every family. It doesn't have to be a DOG, it can be a CAT or any other PET, because they enrich your life, relieve you of stress, and make you happy.

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  1. Very nice story! I love chihuahua dogs very much.
    I can't wait for the continuation of the story.
    You have wonderful writting style!



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