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There are 10 different breeds of dogs on the picture standing next to each other

DOG- the best four-legged friend of man bears that title for a reason. Unlike CATS, which are tied to a particular territory, DOGS are social beings and as such, attached to their owner. This attachment and loyalty stem from the fact that certain BREEDS OF DOGS find it difficult to get used to loneliness because they are in the human company most of the time. 

The connection between DOGS and humans is visible throughout history, and in recent times it has come to the fore during this covid pandemic, as people have been more at home and spending their free time with their PETS, especially DOGS. When you are let down by family or friends and lose trust in people, your DOG will always be with you and for you. He will pick up a bullet for you, jump into the swollen river to save you, pull you out of the rubble… 

He is always there, and he needs so little, just a few delicious snacks, cuddling, and playing. Give it to him, and he will give you back many times over! His love for the owner is unconditional, primordial, and pure. And no rules apply here. There are only BREEDS OF DOGS that are more attached to their owner and those that are less so. In this text, we will talk about this first group. So, let’s get to know the DOGS most attached to their man and the top 10 BREEDS OF DOGS the most attached to the owner!


  • HUNGARIAN VIZSLA DOG, whose full name is SHORT-HAIRED or SHARP-HAIRED POINTER DOG, originates from Hungary, as the name itself tells us. We could freely call it an aristocratic BREED because it was once bred as a BREED that accompanied the nobility and aristocracy on game hunts. They are very lively, fun, and active DOGS, who love the company of people and cannot stand being alone. They are protective of their owner. They are cuddly and friendly towards their family, which makes them favorite PETS if you give them time to play and train because they are happiest on long walks in nature. If you allow them to do so, VIZSLA will be the most faithful DOG in the world that will not separate from you.


  • GOLDEN RETRIEVER originates from Scotland, and even two American presidents - Gerald R. Ford and Ronald Regan - owned a GOLDEN RETRIEVER. By the way, this is one of the most famous, popular, and favorite BREEDS of family DOGS. They are playful, highly intelligent, affectionate, and cuddly DOGS. They are great cuddlers, and this very feature of them will make you fall in love with them at first sight. They adore people, but they also love other animals and DOGS. They are very gentle, tolerant and have a good character, so they are suitable for playing with children. They are not aggressive, but calm and patient, loyal to their owner. Therefore, they are easy to train. They are fast and agile, they love walking by the water, and especially swimming. The GOLDEN RETRIEVER is a BREED that will adapt equally well to life in the house and apartment as well as to all family activities.


  • DALMATIAN DOG  - also known by the names: FIREHOUSE DOG, SPOTTED COACH DOG, and CARRIAGE DOG, he gained great worldwide popularity for his role in the well-known animated film "101 Dalmatians" as a friendly and active DOG full of positive energy. In the US they are known as "FIREFIGHTER DOGS", and Sparky DOG is the mascot of the American Association of Fire Fighters. The name DALMATIAN DOG originates from Dalmatia, which is located in my homeland, Croatia, and is an integral, sovereign part of it. Ancient records preserved in Dalmatia speak of this, where these DOGS were used as wartime DOGS, DOGS for border patrols, and also for pulling carts. By the way, data from as early as 2000 BC tell us about their origin when DOGS similar to the DALMATIAN DOG appeared on Greek tiles and frescoes. These DOGS are active, playful, very affectionate, and loyal to their owner. They love company, play, and fun, so they require socialization, training, and a patient owner from an early age. They get along well with people, other DOGS, and animals in general.


  • COCKER SPANIEL Due to its loyalty to its owner, and cheerful and playful nature, it belongs to the most popular DOG BREEDS as PETS. They are very cuddly DOGS, with sensitive personalities who get along great with people and DOGS, as well as with other animals. They are alert and intelligent DOGS that love activity, so they are easy to train. What you should never do, if you are the owner of a COCKER SPANIEL, is to leave them alone because they cannot stand being alone. As this is a HUNTING DOG, daily walks and exercises are mandatory. It is interesting to point out that COCKER SPANIELS are divided into 2 types: ENGLISH and AMERICAN. The differences between them are manifested mainly in physical appearance and the fact that ENGLISH COCKER SPANIELS are more active, while the character traits are more or less the same.


  • BORDER COLLIE is a BREED OF DOG that originated on the border between Scotland and England. They are also known as SCOTLAND SHEPHERDS, and they were bred mainly as shepherd WORKING DOGS. It is said to be the most intelligent BREED, as it can supposedly understand up to 1000 words, which according to some research means it has the intelligence of a 2.5-year-old child. They are very agile and fast, easily adaptable to all terrains and weather conditions. Although they are extremely loyal to their owner and family, they are not a good choice as a PET for families with small children, because it is in their nature to monitor everything that moves, including your child. In addition, it is very challenging to own this DOG, as they require a lot of activity, in order to prevent unwanted behavior and anxiety. This means if you intend to get a COOLIE, be prepared for a minimum of two hours of training, which will make him satisfied and happy.


  • HAVANESE DOG These beautiful, gentle little DOGS originate from Cuba and are their national symbol. They got their name from their capital - Havana. By the way, it is believed that the small white DOG was found in the Mediterranean area (Tenerife), where it followed traders around the world and thus developed into different BREEDS. Arriving in Cuba, he became a HAVANESE DOG and soon became a favorite among the Cuban aristocracy and wealthy plantation owners. THE HAVANESE DOG BREED originates from BICHON, and by this, we mean CURLY BICHON, MALTESE, SMALL LION DOG, BOLOGNESE, and COTON DE TULEAR. Today's appearance of the HAVANESE is thanks to the crossing of the then-Havanese Silk Dog with other members of the BICHON family, and also with the POODLE. Affection, sociability, liveliness and a very intimate relationship with people and children are the characteristics that mark this DWARF BREED. HAVANESE is a DOG made for a family with a strong desire to please. He wants to be with his family at all times because otherwise, he can suffer from anxiety. It is a very social DOG that requires a lot of attention. He loves long walks and more physically demanding games. It is easy to train him using positive methods in the form of praise and giving treats, so he will enjoy such training.


  • AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD This friendly WORKING DOG retains its herding instinct even as a PET. By the way, this BREED also plays a very important role in cases of rescuing and searching for people, as well as in the detection of drugs and other opiates. Its importance as a THERAPY DOG should certainly be highlighted. It is good-natured, although a bit reserved towards strangers at the beginning. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to socialization very early. He is characterized by: patience, playfulness, a friendly attitude towards children and other animals, including CATS, and a pronounced power of observation. He is very intelligent and obedient, so he will complete any work task with ease. He adores his people and loves to please them. However, this does not mean blindly following orders, because the AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD is a DOG with character and as such quite stubborn with a high degree of self-confidence. It is an active DOG that requires combined physical and mental training, at least 2 hours a day. Lack of activity or company can result in anxiety and boredom. This BREED is gaining more and more popularity as a FAMILY DOG, due to its obedience and ability to learn quickly, however, it should be remembered that it is originally a SHEPHERD DOG, which will always retain its independence and its will.

  • GERMAN SHEPHERD Due to its physical characteristics and its character, the GERMAN SHEPHERD is a very suitable family DOG. These are very intelligent, active, and protective DOGS. So, if you want a DOG that will be totally inactive and constantly lying on the sofa, then the GERMAN SHEPHERD is not the right choice for you, because it requires constant, both physical and mental activity and your attention. This means that you will have to practice this DOG every day from an early age and stick to early socialization. That is why you should start training while he is still a PUPPY to ensure his good health and for your PET to be in good physical and mental condition. But by no means overdo the workouts while they are still in development, due to possible health problems in the future. Therefore, you should start with light walks several times a day. The GERMAN SHEPHERD is a DOG that has a lot of energy, and if you do not allow him enough daily exercises and tasks, or leave him alone, he will become destructive and will spend his energy digging, barking, or chewing objects. Also, he should be allowed to play with other DOGS from time to time, because otherwise, he will not have very friendly preferences towards other DOGS. THE GERMAN SHEPHERD is known as an extremely obedient DOG, so it is easy to TRAIN. But you have to be consistent and use rewards as positive coaching methods, otherwise, your PET will take over dominance very quickly. If trained properly from an early age, they will grow into obedient, loyal, and smart DOGS with knowledge of numerous tricks. The GERMAN SHEPHERD is a BREED that gets along well with children, and if exposed to children from an early age, it will be their most faithful guardians and friends and will protect them from all possible dangers. It can also be said that they are reliable towards unknown children. However, caution is needed when interacting with children, due to the size of this DOG, which could inadvertently bring them down in the game. The GERMAN SHEPHERD will be best proven through the role of a cattle guard, for police and military purposes, searching and rescuing people, detecting drugs, but also as a GUIDE DOG for people with a disability.


  • BICHON FRIZE is a true example of a FAMILY DOG. They are good-natured, gentle, playful little DOGS with lots of energy. They love their family and love to be with them. They especially enjoy games with children. He will enjoy cuddling and lazing around, and he will win you over with his charm and cuteness. He has a good attitude toward other DOGS and CATS and is friendly toward strangers. He is not aggressive and does not tend to bark. This BREED is suitable for novice owners because it is smart and loves to learn, so it is easy to train. Of course, unless you fall victim to his charm. Although they have a cheerful character, being left alone for too long can cause destructive behavior and anxiety in them.


  • CHIHUAHUA The character of these DOGS is different. CHIHUAHUAS are lively, cautious, confident, brave, but also aggressive DOGS, due to their partly terrier character. These DOGS are not aggressive by birth but become so over time. They mostly show attachment to only one person, so they find it hard to accept new people. However, they can also make friends with strangers, if they are socialized early and exposed to different: situations, people, or sounds. They can be very jealous if they are not given enough attention. These are small, home DOGS, which do not require much space, so they are ideal for people living in an apartment. Living outdoors hides a number of possible dangers for them, as they can become prey to other animals, such as eagles. These are very active DOGS with an extremely high amount of energy that they will expend regularly by running around the house or apartment. But if you want your CHIHUAHUA to stay in good shape, daily light walks are recommended, which will satisfy their daily needs for activity. In doing so, be sure not to overwork him and provide him with enough rest. The CHIHUAHUA is an intelligent dog with great learning ability and can be TRAINED very well. These are DOGS who like to please their owner and with proper TRAINING, you will get a loyal and endearing DOG to your liking. TRAINING should be resorted to from an early age, just like SOCIALIZATION to prevent possible, possible unwanted behaviors in the future. TRAINING should use positive methods, such as rewards in the form of food, praise, and play. On the other hand, these DOGS require a "firm hand", because otherwise they will show disobedience and take over domination. Therefore, it is not recommended for people without experience with DOGS. If you have never had a DOG, and you really want a CHIHUAHUA, an older, already socialized CHIHUAHUA is recommended. Also, these DOGS are not recommended for families with children under the age of 9, because children in play could inadvertently injure them. Otherwise, they get along quite well with older children. They may or may not get along well with other DOGS (depending on the character of each other and whether or not they grew up together), as well as with other PETS, except for other CHIHUAHUAS in whose company they enjoy.

"We take care of our pets as for ourselves"


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