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A DOG has been man's best four-legged friend since ancient times. Many people are owners of one or more DOGS, and some are about to become one. However, before you get a DOG, it would be advisable to research which DOG BREEDS are the most difficult to train, just enough to understand what you are getting yourself into, and even more so if you don't have enough time or are not really "armed" with patience. If you start with proper training and have realistic expectations, you will get an almost perfect PET. Below is a list of the TOP 18 DOG BREEDS that are hardest to train.


It is a real challenge to train this SMALL DOG, originally from Africa, because, among other things, they quickly lose interest. They are extremely intelligent, independent, and wayward. These are DOGS that do not immediately become friends with an unknown person or animal. Moreover, they will take a hostile attitude towards them, so it is good to let them make the first move themselves, and not force them to do so. It is a BREED OF HUNTING DOGS, where the sense of smell and vision play an important role. Interestingly, just like CATS, they like to lick and clean themselves, and they are also called "catty" DOGS.


Like the BASENJI, the BORZOI also has "feline" manners. These graceful, aristocratic-looking DOGS are very stubborn, independent, and intelligent. They also belong to the HUNTING BREED, and another DOG or a neighbor's CAT will soon awaken their hunting instinct, if they sense a loose leash, because they can perceive them as potential prey. Training these DOGS requires a lot of time and effort and only positive training methods.



Their aristocratic, almost royal demeanor tells us in advance that this DOG is not for everyone. Although loyal, sensitive, and affectionate, they are also stubborn, independent, and intelligent with a strong hunting instinct. Therefore, their training, just like with their relatives, BORZOI will require a lot of effort and time and positive methods (praise, treats, etc.).

We can conclude from the name itself that it is a DOG that will follow scents. When he smells something, he doesn't give up and goes all the way. Therefore, their training requires dedication, time, and patience, as well as positive methods in the form of rewards and praise. For the training of this BREED, it is best to seek the help of experts. Otherwise, this BREED is ideal for finding people and as a police DOG.


is a HUNTING DOG, characterized by an exceptional ability to follow scents. They are very persistent in this and never give up. It is precise because of these abilities that they are popular among the hunters of the Belgian and French aristocracy. Because of their hunting skills, training them as GUARD DOGS is not recommended. They are exclusively either HUNTING DOGS or PETS. Otherwise, we are talking about stubborn, independent, intelligent, but also cuddly, friendly, and cheerful DOGS.

We could say that it is a DOG with character, because of its impudence and self-confidence. This is a DOG that does not like authority and is difficult to train, so training should include positive methods in the form of praise and treats. This BREED was already discussed in one of the older posts on this blog, so everything you are interested in about this DOG can be found at: 

is a working DOG and as such very active and stubborn. Therefore, its training is quite demanding for the novice or "average" owners. If you are training him yourself, provide him with enough activities and occupations. It will fill him and he will be satisfied. Otherwise, it will get bored and start acting, and in that case, training becomes almost "mission impossible". Another HUSKY in the home can contribute to the socialization of this DOG. But, unfortunately, even that is not a guarantee for good training. You can read interesting facts about this beauty here:

represents a great challenge for training because it is a BREED of hunting DOGS. This means a developed sense of smell and a lot of activity. BEAGLE is a DOG that always needs to be busy with something because otherwise, it gets bored. Training must necessarily include treats because the BEAGLE expects that. You can find more information about this BREED here:


This DOG adorns by a strong personality and independence, which is an additional obstacle for training. Therefore, training requires patience and compassion and should be started as soon as possible. The SHAR-PEI is a highly loyal DOG, but its social interaction is not exactly the strongest. As he is quite tied to the territory, he does not get along with other PETS and animals in general and is not very friendly towards strangers.


This beauty with a specific appearance has gained great popularity all over the world, thanks to the movie "One Hundred and One DALMATIAN", and it is quite difficult to train him. Intelligence is his character trait which makes training even more difficult. Therefore, if you have decided to train this beautiful DOG, arm yourself with patience and perseverance. INTERESTING FACT: this DOG was named after Dalmatia, a province in my home country of Croatia, and belongs to the TOP 10 BREEDS MOST ATTACHED TO THE OWNERS

To train this DOG, you will most likely have to seek the help of a professional trainer because it has a very stubborn character. However, as was already discussed before about this BREED, all important facts, including training, can be found in older posts on this blog: https://www.catdogwrld.com/2021/05/akita-dogs-pas-akita.html      https://www.catdogwrld.com/2021/03/large-dogs-26-44-kg-we-talked-earlier.html. 

is similar in appearance and character to its "big version", a close relative of the AKITA INU. This beautiful SMALL DOG is, you guessed it, just like the AKITA, difficult to train, so it is best to seek the help of a professional trainer. But, if you do decide to train it yourself, know that it is a rather rebellious and independent DOG with a strong personality, which can be very aggressive towards unknown people if it is not trained properly. Find more information about SHIBA-INU DOG here:


These are playful DOGS and love to hunt anything that moves. They are quite active and require a lot of work to get them interested in training.


Because of its reputation as a "dangerous" DOG BREED, this DOG will inspire awe in many of us. Otherwise, the ROTTWEILER is an extremely loyal DOG and is protective of its family (verified from my own experience). Precisely for this reason, if it is not trained, or if the training goes in the wrong direction, it becomes a "dangerous" DOG that is ready to attack anyone without any reason. He is stubborn and disobedient. During the game, he will almost always growl if he doesn't like something. Precisely for these reasons, we can say that the ROTTWEILER is a DOG that is difficult to train.                                                                                                           

As well as ROTTWEILER and this DOG belongs to the "dangerous" DOG BREEDS. It is true that this BREED is one of the most aggressive, so its training is a real challenge. All the more so, as this muscular DOG is not aware of his strength. But if he is properly trained, which takes a lot of time and patience, he will turn into a real sweetheart and show you how loyal and friendly he can be.


Belongs to the BREED OF VERY LARGE DOGS (GIANTS), which means that its body mass is greater than 45 kg, so it can easily overpower an adult. Fortunately, it is a DOG that loves people. However, he does not like other DOGS and does not agree with them at all. He is extremely stubborn, so his training is quite difficult. Namely, because of his corpulence, you will have a hard time solving any problem in dressage. That is why the help of a professional trainer is recommended.


This is a stubborn and disobedient DOG, so its training is very difficult. Although fun, relaxed and lovable, the BULLDOG is a DOG that requires more work than any other DOG BREED, so arm yourself with patience and time.


Training this DOG is challenging and hard because it is a stubborn and dominant DOG prone to aggression toward unknown people and other animals. It is a DOG that shows jealousy towards anyone who disturbs his family. The recommendation is to find enough time and patience to train this beauty.

These were the DOG BREEDS that, according to experts, are the most difficult to train, and soon I will announce a text about the DOG BREEDS that are the easiest to train. So keep reading us, because we have a bunch more interesting things about PETS in store for you.

 "We take care of our pets as for ourselves."


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